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Member access fee | Michael Sharp

Member access fee

Suggested Price: $19.99 for 1 year

The student access fee for a year of access to this site. This is a one-time subscription payment. Your subscription will automatically expire at the end of one year so if you still need access, you will need to review.

The access fee includes access to all lessons (now and those in the future) and online forums where you can discuss and ask questions about the teachings.

Note, if you cannot afford the yearly access fee as set out, you can name your own price, down to a  minimum of $1.99 for the year. Keep in mind these teachings represent close to twenty years of scholarly research and mystical exploration. Be sure to pay what you feel is fair within the financial parameters of your current situation.

 / every year for 1 year

Minimum Price: $1.99 / year

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Subscription Period

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