Bid me now this spell unfold,
A pinch of salt, a horny toad,
A bit of magic well foretold,
A sing-song sun in days of old.

Now Breathe the deep the power of sun.
Breathe the deep the time has come.
Breathe deep and smile with childish pride.
Breathe deep, bring energy inside.

Breathe deep and see a brand new day,
Where magic once again holds sway,
And Michael, with a hoary laugh,
Performs a jig with ancient staff.

And lightly touches forehead frown,
And lightly whispers Al-Kazoom,
And gently smiles so all can see,
The miracle of a God that’s thee.

And if by chance you cannot see,
Then read this rhyme each day times three,
And share it with those high and low,
For short the time, they’ll come to know.

A pinch of salt, a horny toad,
A little spell that breaks your mold,
A sing song sun in days of old,
Deep magic that was once foretold.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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