Chaos Rising.
Stars are dying.
Planet frying.
Children crying.

Bad news coming.
Signs abounding.
Christ expounding,
Truth astounding.

White horse riding.
Food cost rising.
Dark times tiding.
No disguising.

Fear and terror.
Dark pall bearer.
Wish ‘twas fairer?
There’s no error.

Angels singing,
God is winning!
Chakras spinning.
Christ a grinning.

Mind a humming?
Heart a thrumming?
Skin a numbing?
Second coming!

Better listen.
Get some vision.
Make decision.
End division.

Or you’ll check out,
Light will burn out.
There is no doubt.
Can’t change God’s route.

Fair forewarning.
Golden morning.
Crown adorning
Final warning.

Time to cast out.
Time to end drought.
Best to not doubt.
Time has run out.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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