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Spirituality 101 | Michael Sharp

Spirituality 101

What is human spirituality? What does it mean to be spiritual? If you are reading these words, chances are you are interested in human spirituality and looking for some information and solid answers. If you are a newbie on the path, your best bet for rapid and grounded forward movement is to visit my Lightning Path site. The LP is a short course on human spirituality–Spirituality 101 if you like. It consists of four LP Workbooks. The Workbooks provide all the basic concepts and ideas you need in order to develop a sophisticated, grounded, and sensible understanding of human spirituality. The workbooks also provide a wealth of guidance on how to achieve healing and a stronger connection to consciousness.

The LP Workbooks are available for free access.  You can find all of them on the Lightning Path site. Once you have gone through those, feel free to come back here for more advanced human spirituality.

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