Stupidity defines the fall.
God’s hand written in a scrawl.
Sitting in that chair rapt enthralled.
It’s a wonder you feel not awe.

At the glorious sites abound,
At the thunderous light and sound,
At the beauty from sky to ground.
It’s God’s glorious diamond crown.

It is Consciousness here on Earth,
It is Christ’s ongoing rebirth,
It’s the beauty in each us all,
And the reason we ‘greed to fall.

And the reason we drank your spit,
And put up with your useless shit,
And pretend you did not omit,
Or defy Yaweh’s holy writ.

But the time for that shite is done.
Time to put down your Bofors gun.
Time to show you God’s holy sun.
Time to whisper, this time we’ve won.

And if you heed not this piper’s call,
If you don’t hear the belfry’s toll,
If you stubbornly ignore scrawl,
Then you best pull out boatman’s toll.

For the planet can not exist,
With diseased and expanding cyst.
So we’ll say goodbye with a kiss,
To delusional narcissists.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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