The Final Seal

I look around what do I see?
Humans on a killing spree.
Humans that have no regard.
Humans who have wrecked the yard.
Humans that lie and deceive.
Humans whom doth misperceive.
The wondrous and the glorious Sea.
The purpose and the reason be.

I cannot lie, each day I cry
For children who will starve and die,
Just so the rich can drink their wine.
And bloat their belly’s up like swine.
So pretty women can wear things,
And pretend that they’re everything.
The worst of if? It’s just a show.
That keeps us all from Eden’s Flow.

And there’s no warning that I know,
Can cause them to expire show.
They blind their eyes, ignore the cries.
And focus us upon their lies.
And so I speak the final word.
And for the end I steel and gird.
But for the record, would have preferred,
White Light and Life to have conferred.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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