The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation is a prayer/invocation/visualization/intent statement designed to facilitate individual and collective connection, and individual and global transformation. I wrote it way back in 2003 and it has been sitting here waiting for you ever since.

To practice this invocation, just put yourself in the picture. See the light descending down activating each of your body’s seven chakras. See the coil as it rises up to meet your heart in the middle. Watch as your body explodes with light and energy. Be careful though. Vast energies are generated. Do not contain these energies for if you do, you will explode. Instead, release them. As you do, watch as your energy and light expands out over the globe. Notice all the other activations that occur after yours, and as a result of the energy you release. Your light triggers others and they trigger others. Rejoice! It is a cosmic chain reaction. Soon the entire planet will be awash in Divine Light and Consciousness. Soon, the world will transform.

But first, you.

The Great Awakening

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