This morning opened up my eyes,
Realized my life is full of lies.
While in my bed they swam through head
And dragged me far from bright Godhead.

My mom, my dad, my teachers lied;
The priest, the Hindu guru guy.
And Disney? Well he was the worst.
He’s even beat out Catholic church.

And ask myself, as sadness rise.
How did the world become so vile?
How could my parents smile and think
The things they did just didn’t stink.

But then I realize, just today,
I told a lie and walked away.
Did not think twice of this small vice.
I’m sure it made the world more nice.

And though I do this every day,
And though it turns my heart to clay.
I just won’t tell the truth I know.
For fear that it would spoil “the flow.”

And so I march to early grave
Blind third eye, ensorcelled slave.
Oblivious to the pain I sow.
A pawn in this, their stupid show.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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