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Activation | Michael Sharp

It is time to activate the Master

New Energy Narrative

Key Phrase: It is time to activate the Master.

Symbolism: Force and Formation, here symbolized by male and female, applied in appropriate balance leads to full-scale activation of the physical unit, its chakras, and its kundalini coil. Remaining blockages and obstacles to healing and connection, symbolized by clouds in the sky, begin to disperse. Intentions coalesce. Energies crackle. As you activate, as the world activates, reality begins to gently (and sometimes not so gently) align with Consciousness (with a capital “C”). Your world, and the entire world shortly begin to transform. Perfection and final graduation are only a step or two away.

Narrative: This archetype teaches of individual (and collective) activation. After preparations are complete, after the Physical Unit is prepared and aligned, after force and formation are in proper balance, after you emancipate yourself from the imitations of mental slavery, this is your individual and our collective rise to power.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the transformative “pop” that arises from mass individual (i.e. collective) activation. Blockages have disintegrated, resistances have evaporated, barriers have collapsed, bindings have fallen away. The activation and empowerment of billions terrify some, but the ultimate destination is a positive transformation for the world. A fully realized Self rapidly spreads across the planet.

At mundane levels, this is individual empowerment and advancement on the Path. Having established Right Thought and created Right Environment, having learned to live in a state of aligned right action, you embrace with confidence your Highest Self. Now that you consistently engage in Right Action, you reclaim original power. Activated and fully aware, you move forward and create the world that you came here to create.

Old Energy Narrative

Key Phrase: Time to choose the “right” path.

Symbolism: An angel stands watch over Adam and Eve. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and the Tree of Life on the outer side. The “serpent” in the wings, ready to tempt the weaker, more emotional, Eve.

Narrative: In the Fool’s Tarot, this card is taken to mean many things. On the surface, and in discourse aimed at a mass audience, this is the story of Adam and Eve, tempted by the serpent and later thrown out from The Garden. As such, this is about trials, tribulations, ethical choices (as for example between “hedonism” and “ethics,”1). In discourse aimed at a popular audience, the Zoroastrian Binary is sometimes represented here, as for example as the unification of “dual forces” and the acceptance of the “positive and negative” of life.2 This is also love, relationships, and the reproduction of binary gender, since in the old energy the binary genders are clearly represented.

At a more esoteric level, this card is sometimes presented as representing loyalty to the brotherhood,3 and culmination of the initiate’s path.4

Flow Purification

In the old energy, this card is a catchall card. Its rich symbolism allows commentators to bend meaning in whatever fashion suits their overall narrative. Trying to sort it out can lead to confusion and so, as with all old energy commentaries, we simply set the old energy nonsense aside. Instead, we focus our thoughts on the New Energy archetype of activation. Remember, this card represents bodily activation. This is activation of chakras and kundalini after right thought, right action, and right environment have been established. This is the activation that occurs as we align and properly connect. To make this activation as smooth as possible…

  • Watch out for confusion and misdirection, a hallmark of the foolish Lovers card. Remember, living a spiritual life, activating chakras, and pursuing full kundalini connection is a simple–to-understand and straightforward process and it should always be presented and such.There are no deep esoteric secrets and no dramatic choices you need to make. To activate and ascend, heal the damage caused by Toxic Socialization, establish Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment. Atone, align, and connect.
  • Activation is a significant process and milestone and even brief ones can fundamentally alter our view of self and the universe. They can also, when coupled with a damaged bodily ego, lead to various forms of Connection Pathology, like Ego Inflation, Egoic Bloating, Egoic Collapse, or even Egoic Explosion. Be wary of losing your ground. Pay attention for signs of pathology or psychosis. If you are experiencing psychological or emotional difficulty, consult with a qualified teacher.


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