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Activation | Michael Sharp

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It is time to activate the Master

Key Phrase: It is time to activate the master.

Symbolism: Force and Formation, here symbolized by male and female, applied in appropriate balance leads to full-scale activation of the physical unit. Chakras and kundalini light up. Remaining blockages and obstacles to healing and connection, symbolized by clouds in the sky, easily disperse. Intentions coalesce. Energies crackle. As you activate, as the world activates, reality begins to gently (and sometimes not so gently) align with Consciousness and transform. Your world, and the entire world shortly begin to transform. Perfection and final graduation are only a step or two away.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches of individual (and collective) activation. After preparations are complete, after the Physical Unit is prepared and aligned, after force and formation are in proper balance, after you emancipate yourself from the imitations of mental slavery, this is your individual and our collective activation.

At mundane levels, this is individual empowerment and advancement on the Path. Having established Right Thought and created Right Environment, having learned to live in a state of aligned right action, you embrace with confidence your Highest Self. Now that you consistently engage in Right Action, you reclaim original power. Activated and fully aware, you move forward and create the world that you came here to create.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the transformative “pop” that arises from collective activation. Blockages have disintegrated, resistances have evaporated, barriers have collapsed, bindings fall away, the masses rise up and transform. The activation and empowerment of billions terrifies some, but this is not random—it is divine. The ultimate destination is a rejection of judgment and a positive and inclusive transformation for the world, so really, there’s nothing to fear.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, there is such a thing as activation. In the old energy, some people do find their power. However, this is not a true activation. In the old energy, you are allowed to activate only insofar as you are firmly ensconced in the System. In the old energy, you rise insofar as you believe all the lies. Only the well-oiled cog gets this reward. This is why esoteric secrets are provided to the “chosen” few. It is easier to shape and control a few greedy, weak ones. Much harder to steer the vast masses. Let us be clear about this. The higher in The System you rise, the more “powerful” you become, the stronger the chains are that bind, and the less likely it is you’ll be free. Therefore, to move forward.

  • Leave space for the possibility that your entire perspective is an inversion of reality. The powerful are really quite weak and addicted. The strong are those who resist and refuse to play the game. Stand up and cast off those chains. Break the foul spell that binds
  • Understand, good and evil do not exist. It is the actions of those with power that cause suffering in this world. The balance you are looking for is not a balance between light and dark, good and evil, which is really nothing more than your excuse, but a personalized balance between force and formation. Put aside primitive and superstitious notions of “evil” and “good.” Put aside sexist attitudes that equate men with force/yang and women with formation/yin. Put aside your power and privilege. Strive for a true balance in life.
  • If you want to move forward, don’t continue in your ruinous ways. Understand, we are all part of the same family of Spirit. Put aside your anger. Extinguish your hatred. Step down from that pedestal. Realize how damaged you are, but don’t dwell. Spread your arms. Gather your strength. Recite this activation affirmation. “I wish to wake up; I wish to activate; I wish to transform.” “I wish to wake up; I wish to activate; I wish to transform.”
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