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Alignment | Michael Sharp

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To mine own Self be true.

Key Phrase: To mine own Self be true

Symbolism: An abstract representation of alignment. A sword, balanced on either side by force and formation (yang and yin). This is not the sword of judgment, punishment, and reward, as it would be in the old energy. This is the sword of discernment and full alignment with Highest Self and the glorious Fabric of Consciousness. This is, above all, the key to the “Kingdom of Pure Consciousness.” To enter the “Garden of full Connection,” throw off self-delusion and excuse and align your Bodily Ego with your Highest Self /Spiritual Ego.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches us the key to our forward movement. To be perfectly clear, this archetype teaches the key to emancipation, activation, connection, and graduation. The key is alignment with your own Highest Self. Always remember, the physical unit is merely a vehicle for the bright sun of your Highest Self. To move forward, align the thoughts and actions of your physical unit with your perfect and immortal Highest Self.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is perfect alignment with Self, perfect alignment with Consciousness, and the active and eyes-wide-open pursuit thereof. Recognizing the importance of your Spiritual Ego/Highest Self, you work to establish Right Thought, Right Action, and Right Environment. The closer are your approximations, the stronger are your connection experiences.

Understand here that alignment is always a choice. You are not forced to align with Highest Self. No God stands in judgment of you and no cosmic justice system stands by to punish you for your choice. There is no karmic retribution and no eternal damnation for living and acting in misaligned darkness. You may eschew alignment and choose to live a life according to the whims, passions, and pathologies of your disconnected bodily ego, if you want. Life goes on, and your body survives (after a fashion), even when empty of Consciousness.

Of course, while it is true that you may eschew alignment and deny your higher Consciousness, there are natural consequences for your actions. Understand, the suffering and disconnection that ensues when you live an unaligned life is neither judgment nor condemnation. It is neither karma nor justice. God has no hand in the difficulties you face. It is simply a question of spiritual responsibility, choice, and natural consequences. To be clear, it is a simple technical relationship. Eat improperly and your body will degrade and die. Soak yourself in stress and your body and mind will age and debilitate. Disregard your higher Self, live a life of darkness, fail to align with Consciousness, and disjuncture, guilt, shame, and lowered functionality will ensue.

Finally, note that alignment is not an onerous chore. Alignment does not require a Fool’s journey. Alignment does not require pain, suffering, and darkness. Alignment requires only the choice to be who you truly are inside, though to be fair, it is not really a choice. Alignment brings power, peace, contentment, happiness, joy, and the attainment of stronger connection. Disjuncture brings pain, suffering, decrepitude, and death. Only a person who does not know better chooses the hard path and the severe consequences of disconnection.

At mundane levels, this is healing and repair of the physical body and mind through accurate alignment with Self. Putting aside hypocrisy and self-delusion, you align thought and action with your Self. Breathing deeply, you happily atone for past “sin.”1 Focusing on the manifestation of the promise, you fix that which is broken in your world.

Flow Control

In the old energy, the concept of alignment is corrupted with notions of justice and judgment. In the old energy, this is reward for following the rules and punishment for productive failure. As Wirth notes, the universe does not reward the slacker. “We live in order to work, not to enjoy life without paying. Increases in salary reward the good ‘workman’ who by aiming at living better, benefits from the superior way of life to which he has risen.”2 This is “fair”3 cosmic/karmic/divine justice, and the “active administration of law”4 and the idea that you should passively accept whatever “is” as something natural, inevitable, chosen by God, and something you deserve. The universe is a universe of law, order, submission, and violence. If you do not do the “right thing,” you will be punished and perhaps even destroyed for none escape the absolute “wrath” of karma.5

The message in the old energy is clear. If you are poor, it is not because The System keeps you down, it is because you deserve it. If you are rich, it is not because you exploited other people, it is because you deserve it. If you suffer, it is a lesson. If you get cancer, there is a purpose. Look for the silver lining and understand, a divine/cosmic/natural justice permeates existence; all things exist, including pestilence, war, suffering, and death, exist as they should.

Above all, the message in the old energy is that you should accept. Accept the bad things that happen in life as lessons. Accept inequality as divine justice. Accept violence as God’s hand in sanction. Accept that whatever has happened to you, you deserve it in some way. As Pollack says, “As long as we believe that our past lives just happen, that we do not bring our own selves into existence through everything we do, then the past remains a mystery, and the future an endlessly turning wheel, empty of meaning. But when we accept that every event in our lives has helped to form our characters and that in the future we will continue to create ourselves through our actions, then the sword of wisdom cuts through the mystery.”6

Of course, in the new energy, we reject the idea of judgment, justice, and punishment and the notion that it is “our hand” that is exclusively responsible for the world that surrounds us. Instead, we emphasize the idea of atonement and alignment.7 The truth is, there is no cosmic principle of justice that condemns the “sinful” and ensures punishment and exclusion of the unworthy. God does not keep childish score and the “universe” does not track your transgressions. Old energy ideas simply justify old energy power and privilege, so put aside that nonsense once and for all. The truth is, you cannot have rich except in relation to poor, and you cannot have power except in relation to powerlessness. It is the acceptance of this idea in consciousness, the acceptance of his notion that there is a cosmic/karmic/Divine justice, that allows The System to continue. Why change anything if it’s all working properly as is?

To get into the new energies you must put aside old energy notions of justice and punishment, and any and all notions that this world is OK as it is. This world is not OK as it is. Unless you are perfectly aligned with your Higher Self, you have work to do to establish right thought, right action, and right environment. To move forward towards alignment and connection, you need to stop passively accepting and instead figure out the things that you need to change.

Moving forward, keep the following things in mind.

  • In the old energy, the need for alignment is corrupted into the idea of justice and judgment. Instead of aligning with your Highest Self, you are taught to align with the values and expectations of The System. Failing to follow the rules of The System, you are judged and punished as such. To get out of this old energy you have to learn not to align with external notions of justice, judgment, and karma, but to your own inner compass. Inside, you are a compassionate being of awareness, bliss, and love. To move forward, learn to align with your own power and glory.
  • In the old energy, justice and judgment are often used to support privilege and exclusion. You get into the secret clubs and enjoy all the privileges because you are “better” than those other people. You find yourself at the bottom of the pile because karma or God’s will put you there. It’s not true of course. High are low you got there because a rigged system put you there. Maintaining delusions of justice simply preserves these systems of privileges. More to the point, excluding and exploiting others puts you into a state of mis-alignment, from which it is hard to break free. Nevertheless, you have to. To get into the new energies, reject all justification and excuses (spiritual, social, legal, etc.) you use to exclude and exploit. Reject all moral and cosmic justifications that allow you to claim a superior status. In reality, we are all members of a glorious family of Spirit and we all belong wherever we desire to be.
  • Are you angered by dismissals and exclusions? Does inequality make you fume? Do not suppress that anger. Instead, embrace it, channel it, and use it to uplift and transform the world. The suppression of justifiable anger prevents you from claiming your rights and recognizing the injustice of it all.

Group Study Questions

  1. Chances are that in the past you have been excluded from something you wanted to be a part of. Think about those times. How did it make you feel to be excluded? What sorts of ideas or behaviours did you use to justify the exclusion to yourself and to make yourself feel better about it. Share with the group.
  2. Are you a member of any private social grouping (old boys network, girls club, teenage social cliques, etc.)? Did you practice the dark arts of exclusion? If so, what tools do you use to accomplish this exclusion? What ideas do you rehearse? What emotions do you suppress? What lies do you tell so you can justify and excuse your callous and exclusionary actions? Gather up the courage and share with the group. Do not be ashamed. Do not feel guilty. Simply make a commitment to change. We move forward much faster when we share.
  3. Put yourself in the shoes of another person. Think about a person or group you have excluded in the past. Think about the impact of this exclusion on their life, their family, and their mental well being. How do you think the exclusion made them feel? What damage might it have done to their psyche and their life? Do you feel empathy for the people you have hurt? If not, your heart (chakra) is tightly closed. Visualize its reactivation and practice love and compassion.


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