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Connection | Michael Sharp

Joyfully I Reconnect

Key Phrase: Joyfully I reconnect.

Symbolism: The moon represents a nascent and growing connection to higher Consciousness. The variable moon represents the strength of that connection. A new moon is disconnection while the full moon is full connection. The variable moon represents the waxing and waning nature of connection, and the reality of repeated approximations and ongoing disconnections until permanent connection is finally achieved. Electrical discharge and the bright full moon represent the electrical/lightning power of a potent and direct connection, a lightning flash brings healing, insight, empowerment, and enlightenment.

Narrative: This archetype represents connection, which always leads to insight, realization, emancipation, empowerment, activation, ascension, and so on. The archetype also represents a decision. Realizing the truth, understanding reality, experiencing unity, we must make a decision. Do we accept the revealed truth, step forward, and initiate connection? Or, do we reject it and remain in normal consciousness? If we accept, we transcend to a higher state of being and ascend to a higher state of knowing, if only for a moment or two. If we reject, we return to Normal Consciousness. If you are stuck, do not despair. Even if we choose disconnection now, inevitably we must all find passage through the gates.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is acceptance, asseveration, and declaration. We have cleared old energy thinking and established new energy right thought. We now understand that it is not an issue of judgment and/or damnation. Instead, it is a simple question of choice. Choose to awaken, or choose to remain in a spiritual coma. We accept that it has all been a pernicious lie. There are no chosen ones. There is no judgment. This is not a test. There are no bystanders. No one is “left behind.” Embracing truth, we connect and are reborn. We activate, empower, and graduate the entire planet.

At mundane levels, this is acceptance. We finally and fully accept a truth that we have avoided, perhaps for a very long time. Initial discomfort gives way to rising elation as we slowly put all the pieces together and begin a personal, familial, or higher, transformation. Graduation is just a few moments away.


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