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Connection | Michael Sharp

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Joyfully I Reconnect

Symbolism: The moon symbolizes your connection to higher Consciousness, to your Highest Self. The variable moon represents the waxing and waning strength of that connection, and the reality that connection is always a “work in progress,” and that repeated approximations are required before a more permanent connection is finally achieved, individually and collectively. Note that a new moon is disconnection while the full moon is full connection. Electrical discharge and the bright full moon represent the electrical/lightning power of a potent and direct connection. With proper care and attention, with only a little bit of healing, a lightning flash no longer shakes the tower but instead brings healing, insight, empowerment, and enlightenment.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents connection, which always leads, more or less, to insight, realization, emancipation, empowerment, activation, ascension, and connection. The archetype also represents ongoing will and intent. Responding to the callrealizing /b>the truth, understanding reality, we must repeatedly make the decision to move forward and connect. Do we accept the revealed truth, step forward, and develop connection? Or, do we reject it out of fear, confusion, misunderstanding, or misdirection, and remain in Normal Consciousness? If we accept, we ascend the initiatory ladder to a higher state of knowing, if only for a moment or two.

Note, if you struggle, if you are stuck, do not despair. Even if you choose disconnection now, inevitably we must all find passage and re-connection. At some point, the attention and support you need will be there.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is acceptance, asseveration, and declaration. We have cleared old energy thinking and archetypes and established new energy right thought. We understand that it is not an issue of judgment and/or damnation. We know there is nothing to fear. It is a simple question of choice and the supports we are able to acquire. Choosing to move forward, we work to create right environment. Working with archetypes, we slowly establish right thought. Acting with compassion and inclusive, more and more we engage in right action. Remember, this is not a test. There are no bystanders. No one is “left behind.” Embracing the inclusive truth, we connect and are reborn. Embracing our power, we activate, and graduate the entire planet.

Flow Purification

In old energy, connection is a thing, at least within the confines of esoteric institutions. We ascend the Masonic ladder. We enter the “kingdom of heaven.” We connect with all that there is. However, in the old energy, the processes which facilitate connection are obscured. Access to accurate information and training is shrouded in secrecy (Freemasons, for example, keep their methods a secret) and, wherever possible, limited to the “chosen” few, typically those willing to participate in systems of power and privilege that impoverish and disadvantage the many. In addition, in the old energy, systems of judgment and punishment work to undermine our sense of worth and sow fear, both of which make it harder to establish connection. We are limited by the shame and guilt instilled in us as children. We are told we are born unworthy and must struggle and “evolve” before we can claim one of the limited spaces. As a consequence of toxic socialization, we doubt our own ability to handle connection, if we can manage it.

Pay attention here because what I say next is important. All the old energy archetypes we learn as children and adolescents culminate at the point of connection to block us, divert us, corrupt the connection, and turn us away. Getting through this is an involved and challenging process of healing to strengthen and open the bodily ego, and flow purification to clear out the mind. It is important to understand how the cumulative weight of old energy systems of thought prevent us from establishing connection and it is important to remove those archetypes from our minds, otherwise, the most we will be able to attain is brief connection experiences, and eventually you’ll give up because you won’t make significant progress.

With the above in mind,

  • Watch out for negative emotions like guilt, shame, self-doubt, and fear, especially when you experience these during connection events. Remember, you are a powerful lightworker incarnated in a physical unit. You are here to work on the world and uplift the planet so we might all graduate and join the Galactic Federation. Understand, you are not new to this position. You are no cosmic fool. You have incarnated thousands of times on multiple worlds in preparation for this. If you struggle, it is the damage and distortions accrued as as a consequence of toxic socialization. Heal as necessary and move forward persistently so you can build a stronger and more permanent connection.
  • Always watch out for judgment. Judgment inflames insecurities and presses you down. More importantly, internalized judgment invokes fear and blocks your connection. If you feel judged, understand, you are an equal member of the glorious family of spirit and you deserve support and not judgment. Reject judgment and reject the people who judge you. Walk tall and proud. Embrace the powerful and joyful master that you are.
  • Watch out for compromise. In the old energy, entry into the temple is marked by compromise. To enter the old energy temple we are told to compromise our independence, compromise what we know to be right, compromise our intimate relationships with our spouse (no women allowed), compromise our morality and our ethics, and compromise the truth of our shared divinity. Furthermore, we must pretend we are happy doing it. Of course, drugs, alcohol, money, power, and sex help distract from the disjuncture that results, but the consequences are the same nevertheless—brittle, cracked senescence are the ultimate result. Moving forward there can be no compromise. Remember the lessons from Workbook Three. Alignment is a key prerequisite of permanent connection. Therefore, we must learn to do what we know to be right and we must quit fooling ourselves into doing something else.

Group Study Questions

  1. One of the ways passage through the new energy gates is blocked is by guilt, shame, and fear. If you can overcome guilt, shame, and fear, then connection can proceed. However, if you struggle with self-worth, if you don’t feel you are worthy, if you thrash about in fear, however sourced, your bodily ego will shut down connection and it will work to prevent it in the future. To avoid that, make a note of your emotions, especially during moments of connection. Once the connection experience is over, write down and explore your emotions? Do you experience guilt and shame. Where does this come from? How is it source. Does fear of God or madness shut you down. Make a note and try to remember who (priests, parents, friends) sowed these fears within you. Share with your group. Sharing helps demonstrate you a not alone. Guidance from others can help you sort out and localize the source.
  2. Connection requires alignment. Strong connection requires high levels of alignment. Therefore, open to your Self and ask, what am I doing wrong? Are you working in a job that’s aligned? Are you moving to express your full Self. Or, is your life path setting you back? Scan your life and make a note of wrong action. Do you judge others? Do you engage in forms of violence and suppression? Do you exploit or manipulate others? Do you harm other living beings? If you want to achieve stronger connection it is important to engage in aligned right action. Don’t be ashamed to look. Don’t be afraid to admit. Don’t turn your head and pretend. The first step towards change is admitting there needs to be change.
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