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Emancipation | Michael Sharp

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Free at last

Key Phrase: Free at last.

Symbolism: The planet Saturn, with its ridged outer rings, represents the boundaries and limitations imposed by the elite Master Narrative. Archetypal chains bind the mind and the body. Our energies and actions have been restricted, but our bondage is coming to end. Three individuals grasp the archetypal chains that bind and pull, thus breaking the chains. By our own effort, and with the assistance of others, we emancipate and break free.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents emancipation from The System. This is release from the archetypal chains that bind. This is the emotional, psychological, and physical empowerment that results. This is growing freedom to act in the world in the best interests of yourself, your family, and the planet.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is emancipation of the physical unit (the body and the mind) from fear, uncertainty, and creative impotence. You answer the call and initiate. You overcome fear and self-loathing. You establish right thought and right action. You align, gather strength, and are freed. Your power and confidence grows. With clarity of purpose, you exert your will and finally break free. Consciousness/Spirit/God, progressively, and inevitably, breaks through

At mundane levels, this is freedom to act as you will and desire, without fear and uncertainty. You change your job. You change your lifestyle. You make an adjustment because you want to, because you can, and because it is right. Blockages dissolve and you move towards activation and full power.

Individually and collectively, this card represents the removal of elite’s archetypal chains, emancipation from archetypes, freedom from elite bred delusions, refusal of oppression and limitation, the rejection of a view of self derived from the elite’s master narrative.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, enslavement and exploitation are justified and excused. In order to assuage their own guilt, elites tell themselves they must control the masses otherwise it would be primitive chaos and violence. In order to make themselves feel better, they tell themselves (and us) that the chains are voluntary and put there for our own good. It is to temper us in the fires. It’s so we can pay off our karmic debt. It’s so we can “grow” and evolve. We can always break free if we want, we are told; Just lift off the chains and walk free.

In truth and in practice, there is nothing in old energy archetypes that leads to mental freedom. The old energy system provides no path for the removal of chains. So-called esoteric secrets do nothing but strengthen your chains. Even the elites are contained in a tight box, though most would not care to admit it. The truth is, the only way out is through a new energy door. With this in mind

  • Stop blaming yourself for the struggle and the limitation you experience. The System enslaves you and in the end will suck you quite dry. If you blame yourself, you preserve The System by distracting critical attention. To be sure, you have to be accountable for your actions. To move forward, you must atone and make things right; but, you shouldn’t blame yourself for your poverty, inequality, and despair because these are structural outcomes of a rigged economic system.1 Therefore, watch out for self-blame, and reject it when it appears. Focus your attention on the System; change it so all can be free. Remember, as a spark of creator Consciousness, as an incarnation of divine light and love, you deserve nothing but love, prosperity, kindness, and peace.
  • Stop blaming yourself; stop blaming others. As part of the toxic socialization process we all endure, you have absorbed ideology and excuses used to justify exploitation and abuse. If somebody is poor or injured by The System, you have been trained to think its because they are losers and weak, not because The System keeps them down. As a consequence of this tendency to blame others, we participate, to one degree or another, in the exploitation and abuse. We all function as Agents of Consciousness. To move forward consider this; there is no judgment archetype in the energy system. Therefore, stop judging others. Do not dismiss their suffering and struggle as a personal failure, divine will, or cosmic judgment. Understand, the System oppresses, suppresses, abuses, and exploits everybody. It is toxic socialization, brutal exploitation, a rigged economic system, constant manipulation, and incessant attack, not personal weakness and failure, that leads to dysfunction, disease, and death. Instead of wagging a judgmental figure, help and support those in need.

Group Study Questions

  1. Consider all the ways you blame yourself for the things that happen in your life. Now, consider that not all things that happen in your life are your fault. Many things that happen in your life (good and bad) are the result of the actions of others, at a personal, workplace, political, economic, and even global level. Spend a few moments considering how your life has been shaped by the actions of others, good or bad. Share your thoughts with the group. Are there things you can do to mitigate the negative impact others may have? Share.
  2. As noted, the old archetype encourages you to blame others, this way you do not blame the System. They are enslaved, repressed, oppressed because they deserve it, because they chose it, or because they did something wrong. Examine your own life and the acquaintances, work mates, friends, and family in that space. Are there things you dump on them, things you blame them for, like poverty, addictions, illness, personality disorders, etc., that are maybe caused by others (things, like the System, advertising, corporate malfeasance, toxic socialization, etc.) and that therefore you shouldn’t? Share your thoughts with the group.
  3. System justification moves both ways. That is, it’s not just the masses who are oppressed and suppressed. Do you consider yourself a member of the elites? Have you ever had to kneel down and submit before the altar of another? What justifications do you use that allow you to confuse strength with submission and servitude? Does power over others erase the reality of your own submission and bondage?


1 For an explanation of the System, see Sosteric M. (2016a) Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt., St Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press.

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