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Force | Michael Sharp

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Consciousness generates

Key Phrase: Consciousness generates.

Symbolism: An androgynous face sits amidst powerful and expansive red energies, symbolizing force improperly balanced. Unbalanced force is the current dominant old energy reality of Earth, but it should not be. Force and formation in balance is the only way to move forward. Therefore understand, this archetype issues a warning. The powerful energies of force drive creation, but without sufficient formation, creation careens out of control till eventually it is a total and arid ruin. A touch of green in the card hints at initiation, transformation, and the promise and potential of a new energy with force and formation in balance.

New Energy Narrative

Creation’s Equation

Force + Formation = Creation

In the new energy, this archetype teaches a fundamental truth of creation’s magic, which is that nothing happens, nothing is created, nothing is formed, without the driving force of energy, and the will that directs it. Passive attraction and sheep-like “acceptance of what is” accomplishes nothing, or serves another’s agenda. In order to be a fully empowered lightworker, you must not passively submit. In order to be a fully empowered star, you must gather strength and shift yourself into creative and willful action. Only then will things begin to manifest in a direction favourable to you and the planet.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents the mission-drive that comes with full realization and acceptance of your purpose here on Earth. Having responded to the call, you have emancipated and reformed your mind. Leaving behind your past and moving forward, you have healed and reconnected. Now, you are a confident and joyful master here to work on the world. Free of self-doubt, you no longer accept limitation. Aligned with your highest Self, you draw strength and remove archetypal shackles. Emancipated and activated, you are reborn in full power. Finally, you embrace your full willful.

At mundane levels, this archetype represents the purpose-driven action that comes with confidence, strength, and power. You should not be afraid of personal power and control. You should not be afraid of your own will or imposing creative direction. Remember, you are a joyful master of creation and you are here on a mission. Use Force + Formation in balance to finish The Plan and graduate the show.

Flow Purification

Force is only one side of Creation’s Equation. Force also needs Formation. If you want to be an empowered and connected creator, you need to cultivate both will and imagination, both force and formation. In the old energy, however, this equation is obfuscated and confused in various ways, the goal being dis-empowerment of the masses.

One way this equation is obfuscated and used to disempower is by assigning these categories to gender. Males become associated with force and females with formation. This association disempowers women who need formation and force in order to act as equal co-creators, and it makes insensitive pricks out of men who then use all their “alpha male” force to claim authoritarian, “virile”1 power over others. Claiming exclusive use of force, obfuscated as male energies, they then act in the world without due consideration (i.e., without a balance of formation).

Another way the idea of force + formation is obfuscated and confused is to overwrite this equation with “light” (good) and “dark” (evil). Thus

Force + Formation = Creation


Light + Dark = Creation

or even

God + Satan = Creation

This schema, which is often used in esoteric societies like Freemasonry, where it is represented by the iconic Masonic checker board, provides a ready made justification for wrong action. According to this thinking, both light and dark, both good and evil, both god and the devil, are required for creation to move forward. There’s always going to be good and evil, because that’s the way creation works. Bad actions, like dumping toxic waste into a water supply, can be justified and excused in this manner.

The message of the new energy archetype should be clear Reject the association of force and formation with male and female genders and reject the association of force and formation with light and dark. Regardless of our gender, we must cultivate both force and formation in balance. Balancing force with formation ensures a more thoughtful, considered, and compassionate creative process. Balancing formation with force ensures that imagination will actually get manifested in reality. Breaking the association with good and evil removes the justification for wrong action and the exploitation of billions. Guided by compassionate right action, we use force and formation in balance to manifest and create.

To eliminate old energy force archetypes from your brain,

  • Realize that force is not a bad thing. Force is one side of creation’s equation. High or low, male or female, learn to accept force as an energy and use it to manifest your creation. Just remember, reject the dominating, patriarchal, exclusionary, and out of balance use of force that comes without the balance of formation. Use force and formation in balance.
  • More stereotypically, watch out for notions that men should be in control, that men are natural leaders, and that God is a male on a throne. These ideas are archetypes designed to enable patriarchal and imperialistic power, keeping women in the home where they cannot unduly influence the compassionless and vile activities of the elites. Instead, embrace respectful creative will and collective and loving formation.
  • Reject the ridiculous idea that evil must exist for good to exist, or that good and evil are simply part of the “Divine Plan.” Evil is not a characteristic of creation. Evil is not required for beauty to exist. God does not require the “devil” in order to function. You do not have to experience suffering to appreciate beauty. Evil and the suffering that arises as a consequence is a function of greed and the damage done by Toxic Socialization, not some universal prerequisite of creation.

Group Study Questions

  1. Both force and formation are about rebalancing yin and yang energies. This rebalance requires identification of gender-based stereotypes in consciousness and rejection of these stereotypes. Examine your old energy ideas of gender. On a notepad write the headings MALE and FEMALE and underneath these write out the stereotyped characteristics of gender you were trained to accept as reality. When you have written these out, take a moment to recognize that these are all just personality characteristics which you can choose from to construct the manifested you.
  2. If you are a patriarch/matriarch in a home, a corporation, or a military hierarchy, take a few moments and examine the justifications you use to normalize your power over others and excuse your toxic behaviours. Why is it OK for you to give orders without reference to the needs or desires of those below? Whose agenda do you serve with your submission, loyalty, and deference? What sacrifices have you made so that you can play a role in the toxic show?
  3. It is OK to use force to create your life, so long as you do it with balance and consideration for all life forms, not just your own. Harm nothing (ahimsa) and uplift everything is the ideal you should live and strive for. With this in mind, examine areas in your life where more force is needed in or to create and transform. When you have identified these areas, apply appropriate force. It always helps to visualize, so imagine your hands uplifted and directing force (think master and force archetypes). do not leave it at visualization though. Always follow your visions with the physical actions required to manifest.


1Wen, Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth.

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