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Formation | Michael Sharp

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Consciousness Forms

Key Phrase: Consciousness forms.

Symbolism: A human face sits betwixt the pillars of force and formation (also known as yang and yin). The sun of higher Consciousness shines fully and brightly, taking the shape of the container of mind. As above in Consciousness, so below in matter. The message is clear. Through the archetypes and ideas in our mind, we form creation. From the waters above to the water below, and into the Malkuth of Earth, we use energy shaped by ideas to manifest and create the world. Note, this archetype shows force and formation used in balance, the direction we all must move towards now.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype answers a big question and that is, “How does Consciousness create?” The answer is that Consciousness creates through the application of force, tempered and shaped with formation. The equation here is simple: will as Force combines with will as Formation to move the universe forward. This principle is encapsulated in Creation’s Equation.

Creation’s Equation

Force + Formation = Creation

The formation archetype presents us with the formative side of the equation. Here we are reminded of the power and significance of ideas and archetypes. Through the formative (yin) power of ideas, we shape and direct the wilful force (energy/power) of our Consciousness. Formation is the guiding hand that forms and directs the forceful yang energies represented by the conjoint Force card.

In the new energy we are taught that Formation/Yin (represented by the darker pillar) works in balance with Force/Yang (the lighter pillar) to manifest creative intent. As noted in the BOLIFE, ideally, we use energy in balance. Balanced use of energy leads to the most stable forms of creation. Balanced use of energy allows for the full expression of Divinity. For these reasons, balanced use of energy is almost always the preferred mode of creation.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents our creative desire, ambition, and the intent of our Highest Self, formalized into archetypes that direct the flows of creation. This is our individual and collective Creation Template,1 which can be positive, emancipating and new energy, or putrid, negative and old energy. Do you feel yourself to be a cosmic loser? Do you think you are merely an ape? Do you think you are here to learn lessons? Do you think you are being punished for sins? Think again. Change your ideas and change yourself. Use new energy archetypes to form a new World. Remember, you are a joyful master. You are a cosmic victor. You are Called to awaken. You have the power to activate. You have the ability to connect. Embrace purpose and honour your Sacrifice. Ascend and graduate this world.

Flow Purification

Old energy creation templates deal with the question of creation and they often speak of it correctly as a combination of force and formation, but the use different names for force and formation (like yin and yang, light and dark), and twist it in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. Most important to understand, in the old energy, this equation is sexualized and used it to justify their greedy and exploitative actions. You see this messaging clearly in the High Priestess card in the Masonic Creation Template. As one commentator notes, “She is the great feminine force controlling the very source of life, gathering into herself all the energising forces and holding them in solution until the time of release.”2 As another says, “…she is veiled and offers up a cup…. she is the bride who offers up her virginity.”3 As Pollack notes, she has a “fluidic” nature and is the “feminine counterpart of the masculine…”4

In the new energy we accept the power that comes from understanding creation, but we understand that this force must be used in proper balance with formation. In the new energy, we understand that formation represents the ideas and archetypes in our mind that form our creation. Force represents the creative will that makes it all so. Together force and formation work within us to manifest physical creation.

To properly exit the old energies,

  • Reject the notion of binary gender and the notion that Force and Formation are someone tied to male and female. They are not. Acceptance of binary gender reflects a more general masonic acceptance of duality, but it also justifies the suppression of “female” energies, when these energies are associated with Yin/Form. Remember, Spirit has no gender. Consciousness simply is. Consciousness emanates as a consequence of Force and Formation. Allow for a rainbow spectrum of expression. Embrace colours of the rainbow as we all work to Graduate the World.
  • Reject subtle notions, sometimes expressed when discussing the feminine side, that we need to keep secrets away from the masses. The masses are not dangerous. The masses are not stupid. The true danger to this planet and to the people comes from the delusion elites who scramble to always have more and who maintain their privilege with violence and justify their actions with excuse. The only reason to keep Creation’s Equation from the masses, the only reason to obscure the truth, is to preserve creative power in the hands of the few.


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