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Graduation | Michael Sharp

Graduation Dance

New Energy Narrative

Key Phrase: Joyful Graduation Dance

Symbolism: The twelve figures represent the sum total of human life and planetary variation. These are the twelve signs of the zodiac and the rainbow spectrum of humanity. The figure in the center is the planet Gaia. The snake ouroboros is the Creation Template driving the endless ascent of creation, now finally complete on this Earth. A cosmic evolutionary dance with all life joining in. Gestation complete. Chrysalis transformation accomplished. The Body evolved and fully connected. Bondage broken. Humanity united. This is a graduation celebration. Vulnerable and exposed, but safe all the same, a world contact jubilation welcomes us home.

Narrative: This archetype represents the Great Work complete, graduation and the associated celebration. Having responded to the call Universe and reclaimed joyful mastery, having emancipated and aligned, we activate and are reborn. Realizing our birthright and purpose, we take our power, we connect and victoriously shine our bright star. Consequently, darkness is swept away as the world rapidly transforms. Now we see our sacrifice was clearly worth it. Now we fulfill the promise and invite everyone to join in the joyous ceremonials.

At the highest and most aligned levels, we celebrate the culmination of human evolution and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. United as one across the globe, we joyfully embrace a cosmic unity. A celebratory milestone welcomes us home, but this is not the end of our journey. This is merely the beginning of utopia. The ascent of the universe is an eternal voyage. Through the eternal hallways of creation, we build a galactic star nation.

At mundane levels, this is graduation and commencement. We have worked hard and sacrificed much. We have victoriously achieved the goal we have set for ourselves, so celebrations are in order. Don’t rest too long, however, for more work needs to be done.

Old Energy Narrative

Key Phrase: Completion of the Fool’s Journey

Symbolism: The four “creatures of the Apocalypse”1 arrayed around a dancing figure, triumphant that she has completed the Fool’s journey and is ready to take the next step.

Narrative: The old energy meaning of this card preserves an authenticity not found in other old energy cards. Here we see a form of graduation, as also indicated in the new energy version.As Zalewski and Zalewki say,2 “Key 21 is a number of honour, truth, success and advancement. A number of the Universe-the crown of the Magi which is only gained after his many tests, trials and ordeals leading ultimately to victory. Therefore, we have the threshold of a new world.” Clearly, this is the foolish magician triumphant.

Flow Purification

The messaging of the old energy World card is subtle. What can be bad about personal accomplishment? What negative things are there to say about completion of the Fool’s journey?

The problem derives from the fact that this journey is characterized as an individual and not a collective journey. This is a life journey stripped of all notions of collective support and reduced to a narrow, neoliberal arrogance and solipsism. If you are successful, it is because you were chosen, or you have talent, or you work hard. If you fail, it is because you were lazy or you are talentless or you were not chosen. This is the type of thinking that can make the rich claim to be self-made despite the fact that their family’s money, power, and privilege gave them an initial leg up. This is the type of thinking that can look at a homeless person and blame them for failure and not the systematic oppressions of The System.

You can see how silly the old energy individualism is if you just consider your own life. You are where are because your parents gave you a home, your teachers educated your mind, your priests supported your soul, and your society provided services to you. Take a look around you right now. Did you build with your own hands the house that you live in? How many things in your home did you build for yourself? How much of the food that you eat was grown with your own hands? The life you live, the life we all live, is made possible only by the vast amount of work provided by others, and the vast amount of support we all derive.

You can contrast the vacuous individualism of the Freemason’s narrative with the collective representation not only on the new energy Graduation card, but also the new energy World card. In both those cards we see the collective nature of our lives and our work. In examining the narrative we come to understand, the world that we live in, and the world that is yet to come, arise through collective work and cooperative action and not individual triumph and success. If we graduate and move to the next phase it because of the collective action of billions. If we fail and suffer debacle, it is because of the collective non-action and failure of same.

The new energy archetypes of the World and Graduation are more in line with the actual realities of Earth. Therefore, to transit into the new energies and a more grounded presence in reality…

  • Watch out for characterizations of success that attribute success exclusively to individual effort and talent. Winners are not born, they are made. Individual hard work and commitment are important, but no one survives and thrives without the ongoing and perpetual support of others, and society.
  • Watch out for characterizations of failure that attribute it exclusively to lack of individual effort and talent. Losers are not born, they are made. Individual hard work and commitment are important, but no one fails except for a lack of support, long and systematic list of oppressions and subjugations.

Group Study Questions

  • Like the water that surrounds a fish swimming, the work of individualism is the literal air we breathe. Spend some time thinking about your own upbringing, your own family life, etc. How was the individual Fool’s journey portrayed to you?


1Waite, The Pictorial Key to the Tarot: Being Fragments of a Secret Tradition Under the Veil of Divination.

2Zalewski and Zalewski, The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn, 201.

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