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Graduation | Michael Sharp

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Your Joyful Graduation Dance

Key Phrase: Our Joyful Graduation Dance

Symbolism: Twelve rainbow figures circle Gaia. The twelve figures represent the sum total of human life and planetary variation. These are the twelve signs of the zodiac and the Rainbow Spectrum of humanity. The snake ouroboros is the Creation Template driving the endless ascent of creation, now finally complete on this Earth. Gestation complete. Chrysalis transformation accomplished. The Body evolved and fully connected. Bondage broken. Mind emancipated. Humanity united. A cosmic graduation dance with all life joining in begins. Vulnerable and exposed, but safe all the same, a world contact jubilation welcomes us home.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents the Great Work complete. This is graduation and the associated celebration. Having responded to the call and reclaimed joyful mastery, having initiated, emancipated and aligned, we activate and are reborn. Realizing our birthright and purpose, we take our power, reconnect and victoriously shine our bright star. Consequently, darkness is swept away and the world rapidly transforms. Now we see clearly our sacrifice was worth it. Now we fulfill the promise and invite everyone to join in the joyous ceremonials.

At the highest and most aligned levels, we celebrate the culmination of human evolution and the fulfillment of the Divine Plan. United as one across the globe, we joyfully embrace a cosmic unity. A celebratory milestone welcomes us home, but this is not the end of our journey. This is merely the beginning of utopia on this world. The ascent of the universe is an eternal voyage. Through the eternal hallways of creation, we build a galactic star nation.

At mundane levels, this is graduation and commencement. We have worked hard and sacrificed much. We have victoriously achieved the goal we have set for ourselves, so celebrations are in order. Don’t rest too long, however, for much healing and transformation work remains.

At an individual level, this is the triumphant realization of evolutionary and spiritual purpose. At an individual level, this is rejoining the global and cosmic family of Spirit. We celebrate each other as we ring in a new dawn.

At a collective level, this is realization of unity, purpose, and Federation membership. Having travelled a difficult evolutionary path, having implemented the Divine Plan, having completed the Great Work, we reach the end of our journey. Tired and weary, but with the relief that comes after sacrifice and struggle, we stand up, rejoice, and join in.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, we are told this is an individual celebration. In the old energy, we are told that only the chosen few get to this point. In the old energy, we are told that only the worthy get in. In the old energy, we are told that the masses won’t ever measure up. In the old energy, this is the culmination of the “heroes” journey. But none of that is true. The message of the graduation archetype should be clear. The Great Work (all work in fact) is a collective project of planetary evolution. Whether we realize it or not, we all participate in the Great Work. On the right side or left, we all play a part in the Divine Plan. Why celebrate the individual victor when it is our collective work that accomplishes this end? Pay close attention. The key to your graduation is this. We all played a part. No one is deemed unworthy of graduation no matter what they might have done. No one is cast into the fire. No one is “left behind.” The entire planet joins in the celebration. Therefore, to transit into the new energies and reclaim your power

  • Watch out for characterizations that attribute success exclusively to individual effort and talent. Individual hard work and commitment are important, but no one survives and thrives without the ongoing and perpetual support of others, and society. The truth is, we do not graduate till everybody is home in the end.
  • Watch out for characterizations of success and failure that attribute it exclusively to individual effort and talent, or lack thereof. Winners and losers are not born, they are made Individual hard work and commitment are important, but no one succeeds except by the hands of the many, and no one fails except for a lack of support, and a long and oppressive history of oppression and subjugation. Remember, the Great Work is the work of the collective, not the individual.
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