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Initiation | Michael Sharp

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I am no longer weak and afraid

Key Phrase: I am no longer weak and afraid.

Symbolism: As we respond to the calling, we begin our ascent. The chaos, darkness, disease, and death of archetypes (symbolized by the muck) in the elite’s master narrative lie below. A figure climbing an awakening and activation spiral struggles out of this darkness. The ladder is vertical; the climb is difficult; the pitfalls numerous. However, there is hope. We remember the promise and release fear. We realize and clarify so that understanding emerges. New ideas and new ways of looking at things bring renewed purpose. Strength slowly returns. The pace accelerates. New energies begin to flow. A circle/energy sphere provides a boundary to protect the climber and keep her on track.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents initiation and the process of awakening, healing, and reconnection that occurs as we will ourselves forward. This can represent the actual process itself, or it can represent a point of emotional, psychological, spiritual, and/or political maturation. This is the lightning flash of divine inspiration. You know, or begin to suspect, who we are. You understand the depth of your sacrifice. You realize your purpose on Earth. Moving forward, you roll up our sleeves and get down to work. As you lift yourself out of the muck, you gradually heal and reconnect.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents the realization that there is more to life than meets the proverbial eye. As understanding dawns, we initiate the process of healing and reconnection. Having responded to the Calling, we perform an awakening affirmation and an awakening visualization. Gradually, we lift ourselves out of the elite Master Narrative. As indicated in the card, this is a struggle and it does take work. As the world around us transforms, it gets easier as we go.

At mundane levels, this is a bright idea that leads to a confident change in direction, or the initiation of a project. This is the activity that follows an idea, and the consequent decision to build and create. This could represent a house, a screenplay, a business, a family, or anything else that you decide to build/create.

At a collective level, this is the initiation of global healing and reconnection during the penultimate evolutionary stage (i.e. Stage Six). Transformation starts slow, and resistance can be intense, but nothing can now halt the progress. It is a short step from collective initiation to planetary graduation.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, we also learn about “initiation” and ascent out of darkness. However, like all old energy archetypes, access is restricted and initiation is available only to the “chosen,” to the special few admitted into the special club. In the old energy, the masses remain in the muck not by a System that exploits them and by archetypes that undermine self-esteem, and sow fear and confusion. If they take a step up the ladder, they are swiftly knocked back down and then blamed for their failure to rise. When they inevitably struggle and fall, it is not because The System seeds fear and misconception, it is their own weakness that is to blame. Those who are fortunate enough to gain the “support” of the brothers pass into the temples of power and privilege smugly pat themselves on the back as strong, chosen, winners while sneering at the failures outside. .

In the new energy archetype, the idea is still of initiation, and there is a recognition that initiations may be powerful, disorienting, and challenging, especially at the beginning,. However, in the energy, we recognize, it a struggle to pull oneself out of the muck; it is a struggle to ascend the ladder. This struggle arises not because of weakness and limitation in the individual, but because of the systematic oppressions placed in our way. In the new energy we do not arrogantly point our fingers at those who struggle. In the new energy, we gather our own strength, reach out, and lend a hand.

To get yourself out of the old energy

  • Pay attention to your tendency to “blame the victim,” and blame yourself. Damage caused by toxic socialization and the suppressive effect of old energy archetypes makes the ascent more difficult than it needs to be. You may be a bright spark of God consciousness inside, but slopping of the muck is a lot harder when weighted down by old energy thinking. If you struggle, don’t blame yourself; instead remember. The Great Work is a collective work. If you struggle and stumble, reach out for help.
  • Pay attention to self-doubt and self-diminishment. These key messages in the old energy archetype system (you are an unworthy fool in school) form the foundation of suppression and control. They prevent initiation (if you doubt your ability, you fear stepping forward) and they make it harder to ascend (i.e., heal and reconnect). Remember the message of the new energy archetype system. You are a joyful master incarnated on Earth to work on the world and graduate the planet. Despite what you have been told, you are worthy and you have the natural ability to make the climb. If you struggle, repeat these words. “I am not a fool in school, I am a joyful master.
  • Finally, pay attention to all forms of violence in your life. Those who fear our progress, those who are threatened by our ascent, those who benefit from our suppression, act out when we choose to climb up. Emotional, psychological, and physical violence are often invoked when we take a step forward. Remember, violence of any kind damage, distorts, and makes reconnection much harder. If you experience it, do what you need to do to stop it. If you allow it to continue, you will struggle to

Group Study Questions

  1. Doctrines and ideologies that spread fear, anger, and hatred (e.g. religions that teach old energy archetypes of punishment and damnation) make initiation and ascend a difficult thing. Old energy archetypes corrupt realization and shape actions in ways that invoke fear, anxiety, and hatred, and that undermine your healing and connection activities. Think back and try to identify past initiatory experiences where fear, hatred, and self-diminishment were invoked. Write one or two of the most powerful of these experiences down. Did you successfully clear fears and hatred, or did you succumb, and were you “shutdown?” If you experienced a shutdown, do not worry about it. The climb out of darkness is an iterative, repetitive, trial and error process. You only fail if you stop trying. With that in mind, what can you do to increase your chances of success next time around?
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