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Lightworker | Michael Sharp

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A new light is born in the world

Key Phrase: A new light is born in the world.

Symbolism: A multidimensional figure representing your Highest Self/Spiritual Ego/Soul/Atman as it emanates and “descends” into physical creation. The figure holds the light of Consciousness in its hands, presenting itself to itself, and working with itself at each new level of The Unfolding. The message should be clear. The light of consciousness is reflected and refracted within you as you descent into and create the physical universe.

The nude figure indicates that despite the sacrifice, your highest Light is unencumbered by the dirt and detritus of disconnected physical existence. The diminishing figure indicates your connection and power dim as you descend into the cold, opaque, and unascended physical universe. However, remember the promise. Full power will be restored when we all achieve graduation.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches a sacred truth, which is that we are all sparks of eternal Consciousness, that we all “descend” into physical manifestation, and that we all hold the Light of Consciousness so we can uplift and ascend physical creation. This archetype represents you as a pure and perfect reflection of Highest Self, somewhat diminished as you descend into physicality (for the physical molecules of creation are weak and ephemeral and cannot contain the full power and might that is You), but powerful and mighty all the same.

You are a masterful manifestation of the word and the will of Spirit. You are a perfect expression of the Love of glorious God. You are a lightworker here to uplift and graduate the planet. To realize this, emancipate your bodily ego, connect your mind to your Highest Self, and reclaim full power. The Word, the Will, the Power, and the Love of God are in your hands even now.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the Light of your Highest Self as it, as You, pass into physical existence in order to incarnate and complete the Great Work. Know, this is not the work of soul evolution or karmic cleansing. This is the work of planetary evolution.

At mundane levels, this is positive recognition and affirmation of Self, and positive and life-affirming work. This is, psychologically, the healing and exaltation of the Bodily Ego as it unites and merges with its own Highest Self (i.e. its own Spiritual Ego). This is self and Self reunited. A creative and healthy emanation.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, you are told that you are a broken down soul who has made bad decisions in the past. In the old energy, you are told that you are weak and unworthy. In the old energy, they say you come with “original sins” In the old energy, you are told to submit to those “wiser” and more “powerful” than you. Only by complying will you gain admittance in the end.

In the new energy, we reject this nonsense. To be sure, we might need training. A carpenter, a musician, a surgeon, must train the hands. A psychologist, a healer, an empath, must train the mind. To be sure, we all have skills to learn. But these are things for the body to learn, not the soul. The soul, the Highest Self, the Spiritual Ego, is descended and connected to God. The soul, the Highest Self, the Spiritual Ego, has trained for eons and is by now a powerful and joyful master. Therefore…

  • Reject the big lie that you are a bad child sent to Earth to learn some lessons. Reject notions that there is sin for you to replay. Reject notions that you should comply and submit. Reject that there are any inherently wiser than you. Instead, embrace the truth which is that you are God’s light descended into incarnation to evolve and uplift this planet. You have all the wisdom and power of God within you. Diminished you might be, but powerless and disconnected you are not.

Group Study Questions

  1. The message of the new energy Lightworker card is clear. You are a descended spark of God’s light. Unfortunately, this is not what you learned in your family, in church, or in schools. You learned you were created separate. You learned you came to this Earth with karma. They said you were born with “original sin.” Take a few moments to share the old energy things you were taught in your family and religion to the group. Do these old energy archetypes still diminish you? Do you still struggle to root out and replace these? These tendrils run deep. Be persistent, consistent, and have faith.
  2. One of the most important messages of the Lightworker card is that no matter how deep down into the dark we may fall, we are all emanations of the Divine Highest Self. Yet, we never hear this root truth. Instead, in the old energy, emperors, empresses, hierophants, and hermits teach judgment, inequality and privilege for a few, and exclusion and exploitation for the many. Spend a few moments considering the judgmental ideas and ideological excuses you use to exclude others from this planet’s bounty. Are they stupid? Are they unworthy? Are they primitive? Are they lazy? Are they bad? Are they the wrong skin colour? Don’t be ashamed. These lies were taught to you. Simply recognize and release them. If you feel comfortable, share your observations with the group. Then, move beyond these dualities and, as depicted in the Lightworker archetype, see everyone for what they are, expression/refractions/emanations of a Divine and beautiful Light.
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