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Passage | Michael Sharp

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My Highest Self Stands in my way


Key Phrase: My Highest Self stands in my way.

Symbolism: An angel representing your own Highest Self stands before you, blocking your Path back to full connection. Righteous and with hair afire symbolizing full and unmediated connection to Consciousness, your Highest Self holds the book of your life up for examination. A Self-evaluation is at hand.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches of the significance and importance of alignment. Know this, you cannot move forward, activate, or connect until you properly align with your Self and commit to the work you came here to do. There are no other options represented here. To gain passage to full and empowered Connection, you must be true to your Self.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents the necessity of full alignment with Self. This is your higher Self guarding passage into an empowered state. This is no joking matter. There is no moving beyond until you align. Take the time to evaluate your own progress. Have you responded to the calling? Have you initiated on a spiritual path? Have you realized the truth? Have you emancipated your mind? Have you purified your thoughts? Have you changed your behaviours? Do you draw strength from committed service? Are you aligned with Highest Self? If so, then Self welcomes you home.

At mundane levels, this is Right Action in the world. This is you righting all the wrongs for which you are responsible for, and later helping others do the same. Note, this is not a judgment and nobody is being punished. Should you wish to attain passage and move forward, simply acknowledge and atone for whatever it is you have done. Fix what you have broken and come home.

In the old energies, passage is generally limited to a chosen few. You must be worthy. You must be good. You must be strong. You must amputate your emotions. You must put aside your compassion. You must comply and submit in the hierarchy. You must press love under will. Only then can you gain entry. But all that’s not true. There is no test you need to complete. You don’t have to be “chosen” to move forward. You don’t have to compromise your values and ethics. You don’t have to do what you don’t want to do. To move forward, you must simply be your Highest Self. Find what’s in your heart and do that. Therefore,

  • The old energy Fool in School, Judge and Punish archetypes all contribute to general feelings of unworthiness. When we meet our highest self, we feel diminished, small, and unworthy. Expecting a sinful reject, sometimes our own power and glory can be confusing. What it is, exactly, that stands on the Path. As we confront the angel of our higher selves, these feelings block our passage. We turn away in shame, feeling unworthy of the glory inside. Therefore, watch for feelings of unworthiness. We are all sparks of incarnated divinity and we are all called to move forward. To pass the angel, put aside feelings of unworthiness, take up the sword that is offered, and re-create the world in the image of your powerful and glorious divinity. Love, compassion, strength, and awareness rule the day.
  • Judgment and punishment archetypes teach that if you do something “wrong,” you should be harmed. Judgment and punishment archetypes teach that if you act badly, you are a bad person and unworthy of reward. By constantly putting you down, old energy archetypes build up a wall of guilt and shame. When you meet this angel, these feelings may be invoked and you may have a hard time facing your own Self. If you struggle with guilt and shame, remember the new energy message. You are a powerful spark of joyful consciousness incarnated into a body to uplift and graduate this world. To be sure, you have done some bad things. To be sure, you have harmed others. While blindfolded, we all have. However, you do not deserve to be punished and there is no reason not to move forward. If ugly feelings of guilt and shame rise up, face those feelings head-on. If you have hurt others, you deserve to feel that way, but only for a moment or two. You are not meant to wallow in guilt and shame. You do not need to have anyone’s forgiveness. All you need to do to move forward is acknowledge your actions and atone for your sins. Do not turn away from the truth about yourself, or others. Out of guilt and shame, do not deny your actions.

Group Study Questions

  1. Once you meet your Highest Self, the first step forward involves facing the truth about yourself. There is no point in continuing on with the bullshit because in the new energies you won’t be fooling anyone, least of all your Self. Take a look back over your life and assess the damage you have done to your children, to your spouse, to your friends, to your co-workers, etc. List that damage now in all the ugly and gory detail that you can muster. How does listing your “sins” make you feel? Do you feel guilt and shame? Do you feel overwhelmed? Recognize those emotions and remember, you don’t deserve to be punished.
  2. The second step forward from here involves facing the truth about others. The truth is, we don’t just lie to ourselves about the actions we have committed, we lie about the actions of others as well. We pretend our parents were loving and good when in fact they were hateful and mean. We excuse violence and abuse from our lovers out of a misplaced sense of loyalty, or fear. We justify greed and exploitation because of cosmic, or Darwinian, prerogative. This must end. Spend a few moments listing the “sins” of those around you, from parents and siblings to soldiers and CEOs. Remember, the point isn’t to judge and condemn, the point is to identify and change. Assess the harm and consider what you might be able to do to help transform. Move forward righteously from there.
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