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Power | Michael Sharp

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Your power and glory

Key Phrase: Your power and glory

Symbolism: An empowered figure in a fully activated physical unit embraces their divine creative power. The multicoloured power of creation shines brightly through. Unencumbered by Old Energy Archetypes of limitation and oppression, properly aligned and activated, empathic and connected to the Fabric of Consciousness, copious energies flow freely. Fully connected, the figure embraces highest purpose, which is self-conscious commitment to the Great Work. Consciousness explodes into the world. Knocked off balance by the power of Highest Self, the disconnected grasp, stumble, and eventually fall. This is the creative power of Spirit and the power and glory of The Fabric (i.e. God with a big “G”), no longer hidden, but on full display in the activated, aligned, and connected physical unit of a Shambhala Warrior. Look out world. Here we come.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype presents to you the full creative potential of Consciousness acting through a fully activated and aligned Physical Unit. This is the individual lightworker in full manifestation. This is the realized master, emancipated and in control. This is unity of self with Self. This is full expression of Consciousness, victory, and confident solidification of purpose. This is realization of individual and collective divinity. This is the glorious Triumph of Spirit.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is Consciousness descended and the empowering impact thereof. Power is not about personal will and domination, it is about the potential of Consciousness to alter reality, transform the world, and graduate creation. Realizing the lightworker you are, realizing why you are here, you move forward and claim full power with gusto. Using your newfound powers, you ensure the final Triumph of Spirit (i.e. victory and graduation).

At mundane levels, this is power over your world. Confident in your identity and abilities, confident in your understanding of life, you use your skills to create the world we all want and need. This is spirituality as science of connection. This is science as a manifestation of the Consciousness and power of God.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, you are told you cannot handle power. In the old energy, you are told you can’t handle the truth. In the old energy, you are told you are a foolish child. In the old energy, you are kept out of the club. In the old energies, you are told that you must submit, pay your dues, and accept judgment before you are given access to powerful “secrets.”

By this point in your study you should know that old energy archetypes are specifically designed to disempower and control you. They diminish your self-esteem, expose you to violence and abuse, create conditions that disconnect and then, when you are broken down shadow of yourself, they insert you into The System where they extract your labour value all the days of your life. You don’t have to submit that that BS anymore. Therefore,

  • Reject all ideas that diminish you and make you feel small. You are not small. You are not powerless. In fact, just the opposite is true. You have the power of creation at your fingertips and all you have to do to access that power is to heal your mind and reconnect to the power within.
  • Reject all ideas that suggest you are unworthy of power and truth. Embrace your joyful mastery. Embrace the power that is within you, stand up, and transform this world.
  • Watch out for notions that insight and enlightenment require or followed by catastrophic psychological events. They do not. Healthy spiritual development is characterized by gentle and ongoing realization, and not punishing psychological/emotional falls. The imagery of the Tower applies to victims of Toxic Socialization only.
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