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Rebirth | Michael Sharp

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Key Phrase: It is time for the rebirth of your Self.

Symbolism: Mother Earth is giving birth: fecundity; a nurturing space. All of creation embraced and supported. Water, the fountain of creation, life, and growth. Life grows freely when water is present. The planet upon which we live symbolizes the support of our creation. Gaia works with the energy from the Sun to create a biosphere capable of supporting life. Manifestation and creation spring forth. Without Gaia, there is no life. Without nurturing and supportive environments, there is no healing and connection. This should be an obvious truth.

New Energy Narrative

In the new energy, this archetype represents creation, birth, and rebirth. This is the birth of a new body and the incarnation of a new soul in that body. This is also the spiritual, emotional, or psychological rebirth that arises when one awakens, aligns, and atones. Understand, this is a rebirth not because of some deep esoteric or spiritual necessity. We are not on some fool’s journey of redemption. This rebirth is required because the violence of Toxic Socialization has disconnected and damaged the Bodily Ego to the point where healing and reconnection is required. From our healing work we emancipate, find passage, and reconnect.

In addition to representing creation, birth, and rebirth, this archetype also represents the nurturing and supportive environments that provide appropriate spaces for growth. In the new energy, this archetype points to the importance of safe, healthy, and nurturing spaces filled with prosperity and abundance. In the new energy, this archetype reminds us of the significance of Gaia, the who provides the life support system upon which we all depend. Here, Gaia is presented as the loving and nurturing platform for our birth and rebirth, an environment within which we can grow to our full potential. This is the example you should follow. This is the hero you should model. Male or female, father or mother, high or low, you must learn to do the same. Immediately begin to create loving and supportive environments where you and the people around you can heal, blossom, grow, and live life to their true and fullest potential. Create loving and nurturing spaces. Start in the home by ending violence of all forms. Continue in the workplace which is the focal point of exploitation. Create nurturing environments so we can all heal and connect. Allow full human potential to freely blossom. The rest will take care of itself.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents physical creation and the ongoing evolution and emanation of The Body, your Physical Unit, this planet, and all life on it. At mundane levels, this archetype represents birth or rebirth of an idea into reality, or a body, into physical creation. This is the fecund product of the union of Force and Formation when exercised in a supportive and nurturing environment. This is the generative output and birthright of all living things.

Kabbalistically speaking, this is Kether’s initial and ongoing realization in Malkuth, and the divine design, preparation, and support that brings us all home. This is the manifestation of the emanation of Consciousness, filtered through archetypes in the individual, collective, and Divine Mind. Note that birth and creation are not events, they are processes of evolution, emanation, and eternal becoming.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, birth and rebirth are devalued and consigned as women’s work. In the old energy, nurturing environments are belittled and dismissed. In the old energy, care and concern are confined to the female form. The truth, we are told, is that suffering and struggle strengthen and temper. It is in the “fires” of toxic experience where we gain our true power.

Of course, by now you know, this is not true. Toxicity damages the body and makes it harder to connect. In addition, it is not just the female that must work to create nurturing environments at home, we must all work to create a better, safer, more utopian world spaces where we can all heal and reconnect.

Complete transformation of our families, a complete shift in our school systems, and a global revision of socialization processes is really the only way forward. To move forward into the new energies, put aside concerns for domination and oppression and embrace unity, equality, creativity, and free expression of Consciousness. To move forward into the new energies, put aside violence and abuse and embrace compassionate, loving concern and support for all planetary life. To move forward into the new energies, embrace unconditional love and support for all living beings. To move forward into the new energies, create safe and nurturing environments wherever you may roam. Also…

  • Reject Binary Gender stereotypes and notions that it is the female’s job in the home to create appropriate spaces. We all must do our part in creating a better world.
  • Men, watch out for anything that discourages the display of love and compassion, or that blocks you from playing a loving and nurturing role. Beware when people tell you that “big boys do not cry,” or that you should “toughen up.” Men have the same love and deep light that women do, and allowing this expression is a step towards creating a world where you can become a nurturing and supportive caregiver. Male or female, we need to embrace compassion and empathy, and we need to create environments that uplift life, not destroy it.
  • Reject ideas that encourage violence in the name of love and protection (i.e. “spare the rod and spoil the child” ideas). Science is clear on the issue;1 violence and neglect do nothing but harm. When you are violent with people (especially children), when you assault them in any way, be it physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual, you damage them, cause negative changes in their body’s systems, and undermine their ability to connect. Therefore, reject all ideas and archetypes that justify and excuse violence and abuse. It is never OK to harm another, no matter what they have done.

Group Study Questions

  1. Explore the exclusive association of females with mothering energy. Were you brought up in a home where the mom was the primary caregiver, and where the dad was “absent” in some way? Did you hear ideas that suggested that women were the naturally nurturing ones, the ones who should stay home and raise up the kids?
  2. An old saying says “It takes a community to raise a child.” Explore this idea in the context of the birth/rebirth archetype. What can communities do, what can your community do, to create safe, nurturing spaces where children can uplift, grow, and connect. What do you think of the statement, “All parents in a child’s life should be loving, nurturing, protective, connected, and there for the child?”
  3. It is not just children who we need safe, loving, supportive, and nurturing spaces. Explore your family group, your friend group, your workgroup, and any other community you spend any significant amount of time in. What is the “character” of these communities? Are these communities safe? Are they authentically supportive? Or, are there subtle (or maybe not so subtle) expressions of jealousy, violence, anger, hatred, etc. If negativity remains, you’re going to have to change your environments or find new ones. It is going to take a few years for the world to change, so you may be alone for a while. do not be afraid. On the horizon, you can see the “sun” rising. The Promise is about to be fulfilled.


1Mike Sosteric and Gina Ratkovic, “Toxic Socialization,” 2016, https://www.academia.edu/25275338/Toxic_Socialization.

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