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Sacrifice | Michael Sharp

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My sacrifice is disconnection from Self

Key Phrase: My sacrifice is disconnection from Self.

Symbolism: Here we see a joyful master sacrificing connection to Consciousness in order to descend into The Waters (of Manifestation) and uplift physical creation (the earthen disk). Anchored by the light of Consciousness, but submerged, inverted, and with no light at the Crown (chakra), we are all disconnected. Embracing physical creation, we strain and struggle to uplift this planet, and others before it. Through sacrifice and hard work, we lift physical creation up through the darkness of in-animation towards animate life capable of containing the highest levels of Consciousness.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches you of your sacrifice. You cannot deny the Great Work is challenging and difficult. Many have suffered and sacrificed as we struggle to evolve the planet and its Pinnacle Species, and move it towards graduation. If you are reading these words, you have accepted this challenge. If you incarnate on this Earth, it was with full awareness of the difficulties involved. Individually we might fail. Along the way, many battles are lost. But in the end, the outcome was never in doubt.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the sacrifice required to undertake the Great Work, which is the work of evolution and ascension. Disconnected and blindfolded, you descend into darkness in order that you might ascend physical creation. It is hard work, the conditions are not ideal, and so you struggle and suffer. You accept and endure for the reward of your effort is a pearl of inestimable value–an ascended and graduated world.

At mundane levels, these are the priorities we set and the sacrifices we make so that we can work and live the way we want. In the physical world, nothing good comes without work, effort, and sacrifice.

Flow Control

In both the old and new energy archetype systems, the basic idea of sacrifice is retained. It is certainly an appropriate idea. Incarnating on this Earth during Stage Five and Stage Six does require sacrifice. There can be no arguing this. The key difference between the old energy and the new energy is how the sacrifice is conceptualized, and what the sacrifice is all about. In the old energy, our sacrifice is turned into justification and excuse for abuse and exploitation. In the old energy, we are taught to accept whatever suffering and exploitation comes our way on the grounds that pain and suffering are good for us in some way. All the poverty, suffering, and woe is not caused by human hands, it is God’s will and nature’s way. We are “tempered” by the pain of our incarnation and “strengthened” by suffering we endure. We achieve enlightenment by accepting “what is” no matter how horrible it may be. By submitting and inserting ourselves into The System, by “paying our dues,” by accepting violence and exploitation, we move forward towards some lofty goal.

The message of the old energy sacrifice should be crystal clear. Put up, shut up, and smile. Accept whatever life throws your way because, in the end, no matter how painful it might be, no matter how much damage occurs, it is all part of some divine/cosmic plan.

In the new energy, the idea of sacrifice is still present, but the idea changes. No longer is it about unnecessary pain and suffering or putting up with violence and abuse. In the new energies, this is the sacrifice of disconnection from our own Highest Self, a disconnection required during Stage Five Expansion. In the new energies, this is the sacrifice we make as we work on the world. In the new energies, this is the sacrifice we make as we strive for graduation. In the new energy, this is the sacrifice we make as we give up our power and ability so we might evolve planetary systems. Just as we work hard to build a home, just as we sacrifice to successfully raise our children, so too we sacrifice as we work on The Plan. We put on The Blindfold and work in duality in order to evolve the planet, accomplish ascension, graduate, and achieve integration.

Putting aside old energy ideas of sacrifice can be difficult. To do so, remember…

  • In the old energies, we are told pain and suffering is part of God’ s lesson plan. In the old energies, we are told that it makes us stronger in the end. Its not true, of course. The pain and suffering we endure is a consequence of Toxic Socialization and the exploitation we all endure. Remember, pain, abuse, and exploitation damage the physical unit and make it harder to connect. The pain and suffering we endure is not part of our “lesson plan.” It does not “make us stronger.” It is not “God’s will.” We are not being “tempered in the fires.” We are not being punished for sins, real or contrived. That is nonsense. Remember, we sacrifice, but this is the sacrifice of disconnection and hard work; beyond that, there is no deeper, karmic, or cosmic meaning.
  • In the old energies we are often told we “deserve” to suffer because of some original sin or some past karmic crime. Our pain and suffering is a sacrifice necessitated by the working out of judgment and justice. If we believe this, we may experience guilt and shame when trying to heal and reconnect. If so, remember, no matter what anybody tells you, you do not deserve to be punished. Just because you have done something wrong, does not mean you deserve to be abused, incarcerated, and tortured. Don’t let guilt and shame block your progress. On an integrated world operating under a Divine World Order,1 all you have to do to move forward is acknowledge, atone, and and align.
  • In the old energy, we are often told we are unworthy of healing and connection. It’s not true. Remember, you are not a fool in school. You are not here for karmic testing. You are not here to experience judgment. You are here to evolve and uplift this planet. You might not understand everything right now, but you are certainly worthy of “enlightenment” and reconnection. Whenever you experience self-doubt, or fear that you might be put down, take a deep breath and remember—you are a joyfully incarnated master here on a mission. You are here to work on the world and uplift the planet so we can graduate and take our place amongst all graduated start nations.

Group Study Questions

  1. Ideas represented in this card are straightforward. The complexity comes in doctrinal variations. Think about your own archetypal indoctrination, be that Catholic, or Buddhist, or Darwinian. Do you find the old energies of sacrifice represented there, i.e. the justification of pain and suffering, the encouragement to passively accept, some variation of the belief that “what does not kill you makes you stronger?” If so, spend a few moments writing them down. When you are done, share your answers with your group.
  2. Working with this archetype can trigger deep feelings of shame, unworthiness, guilt, and even fear. The idea that we can throw off our chains, heal our self so we can connect with our Highest Self is appealing, but when we think about this idea we often invoke emotional blockages implanted to prevent it. When you work with this card, when you work with any of these cards, pay attention to any negative emotions that you feel. Make a note of them and share these feeling with the group. Where do you think these feelings come from? That is, how did they get into your body? Discuss with others.
  3. The idea that pain, suffering, sacrifice, submission, and diminishment are all unnecessary can be a hard pill to swallow, especially since we are taught from day one that pain, suffering, and sacrifice help us grow, mature, and develop. As a consequence of the deep indoctrination, we resist. We doubt that it is true or we make excuses so we do not have to change. If you experience this resistance, pay attention to it and write it down. Share our resistances and excuses with the group.

1 A Divine World Order is a world order characterized by high CQ amongst a sizeable majority of the population, with work underway to heal and connect all beings. For more, see https://spiritwiki.lightningpath.org/Divine_World_Order.

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