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Star | Michael Sharp

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You are a Star

Key Phrase: Aligned, activated, and fully connected, you are a star.

Symbolism: The yin/yang symbol on the floor symbolizes physical creation, the physical world, not cold, submerged, and disconnected as in sacrifice, but reflecting the will of Spirit, and created with balance and connection. The figure is shown connected to Source and fully activated. The figure pours balanced energy into physical creation, lifting it o a higher Consciousness. Star Consciousness incarnated. Aligned and efficient creation. The Master, fully engaged in light work. The Great Work nears its completion.

Narrative: This archetype represents a fully realized, activated, empowered, connected, and shortly victorious, lightworker, willfully undertaking The Great Work, which is the work of evolving and ascending creation. There is no longer any reason to fear, doubt, or deny. You are initiated and reborn and you are here to graduate the world.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents integration of your power and mastery, realized in divine purpose. This is your inner divinity and powerful star-force shining brightly and rightly through. You are a powerful, wilful, spark of co-creative brilliance. You are a star helping with manifestation and evolution of creation. You are a spark of God Consciousness in incarnation. Embrace this wonderful truth and let your star shine.

At mundane levels, this is identity and purpose realized and fully expressed. Self has merged with self and I and “i” are one. This is parenthood and work as a vocation. This is a career in alignment with Self. This is spirituality and religion fostering strong connection. This is science as a global avocation. This is a life lived with strength and in service to The Great Work. Life is not meaningless for the one who shines bright their own star.

At an individual level, this is one who is fully aligned, properly grounded, and completely connected. At the individual level, this card represents someone who has thrown off The Blindfold, has realized the truth, has understood their place, and is properly prepared and positioned.

At the collective level, this card represents a world that is fully aligned, properly grounded, and completely connected. This is a world that has thrown off The Blindfold, seen the truth, and is in proper position. This is a people on a planet comfortable, inclusive, and ready to ascend. None can be left behind.

Flow Control

Achievement of full connection is a thing even under oppressive old energy conditions. However, in the old energy you are told that you arrive at this point only through heroic struggle. You must pay your dues. You must earn your place. It’s not true however. If you struggle, it is not because you must pass through some cosmic forge, it is because you must heal from damaged caused by Toxic Socialization. If you sacrifice, it is not because God is trying to teach you lessons, it is because the work is challenging and you face much resistance along the way from elites who would preserve their wealth and power.

Nevertheless, despite misdirection, confusion, and attempts to make this about individual attainment, at a certain point, you arrive at this point. When you do, remember, this is not the endpoint—this is just the beginning. Even when the entire world is reconnected, there will still be work left to do. Moving forward, we heal the planet and its people. Moving forward, we transform The System. Moving forward, we save the world.

The basic truth of this archetype is simple enough to grasp. When aligned and fully connected, you are a powerful Star. However, the simplicity of this message is obscured by ideological obfuscations which sow doubt and disbelief. We struggle with the truth of this because of damaged and crushed self-esteem. Therefore, you may struggle to accept this deep truth. If you do struggle,

  • Meditate on the meaning of the phrase, you are a star. What is a star but the manifestation of consciousness as light? What is the physical unit but a receptacle for the powerful might of Consciousness? One healing is complete, once alignment is achieved, the full power and glory can come shining through.
  • Consider this: the chains that keep us from realizing our true nature as incarnated stars of Consciousness are conceptual, and ideological. You are told you a fool in school. You are told you are are broken-down karmic reject. You are told you are descended from apes. You are told you have been judged unworthy. You are told you deserve to be punished. All these old energy archetypes weigh heavily upon your light prevent you from accepting the truth. Uncorking the powerful consciousness that lies within depends on the removal of old energy archetypes that prevent our realization. Study hard and remove each. Be disciplined and persistent in your practice and watch out for distractions and diversions. Despite propaganda to the contrary, the truth isn’t that hard to see, or handle. The real challenge is getting around all the obstacles, diversions, and distractions put in your way.
  • Removing archetypes so the Star may be revealed is only part of the process. Consciousness is powerful and preparation is required. Watch out, therefore, for the power of consciousness emerging in your life. Watch out for increasing awareness (of slop), increasing confrontations with truth, increasing concern, compassion, and sensitivity, and increased power. Do not shirk, withdraw, or turn away. Instead, embrace the power and divinity that is the star within you.

Group Study Questions

  1. Look back over your childhood, education, and socialization. Chances are high that you were repeatedly told how worthless, small, and broken you were not only by teachers and authorities, but by your trusted parents as well. List some of the negative messages that you received as you were growing up and reflect on how these messages impacted your self image and your understanding of your potential.
  2. Consider the opposite message, that you are star, or a powerful co-creator, or a spark of divinity. Have you ever heard that message before? If so, how did you “receive” that message? Did you take it seriously? Did you appreciate the full significance of the truth? Have you ever experienced the full significance of this truth? Share your experience.
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