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Strength | Michael Sharp

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I serve the Divine Plan

Key Phrase: I provide support.

Symbolism: Here we see Gaia embodied as the tree of all life. A kneeling figure, an empowered, but humble servant of Spirit, honouring Gaia, and willing to complete The Great Work. Gaia, charging for the task at hand, which is the evolution and healing of The Body in order to enable its full connection to Consciousness. The land is barren, but the grass is beginning to grow as Consciousness begins to flow. When the figure stands, life and power burst forth. Waters of manifestation, Waters of Consciousness, Waters of Creation. From the Water emerges all physical creation. The Water feeds physical manifestation and nurtures the new Garden (of high Consciousness) emerging.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents true strength, which is not psychopathic domination and control of others for the purpose of exploitation, but the strength that comes from comprehension, awareness, service, compassion, connection, and power used in service, to support the growth and development of individuals and, indeed, all of creation. The model of this true strength is Gaia who through her commitment and deep strength provides the ground and support for all life on this planet.

Recognizing that Gaia is the ground upon and through which we connect, we kneel, not in obeisance and servitude, but with respect and gratitude for the environment she provides. We draw the strength and energy from Gaia that we need to complete the task of evolving and graduating this Earth. In service, we carry forward with the Divine Plan.

The message of the new energy archetype should be clear. We are not on this planet to rape and exploit. We are not on this planet to dominate and abuse. We are not on this planet to justify and excuse. We gather strength, connection, and grounding from Gaia in order that we might humbly and respectfully serve. It is useful to look to Indigenous populations for the proper attitude and orientation.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the strength that comes when you serve The Great Work, which is the divine evolutionary plan to connect the Body (and the body) with higher Consciousness. On this Earth, you do not incarnate primarily for business or pleasure. You incarnate to uplift creation. At mundane levels, this is the strength that you need to get through life. This is physical, psychological, emotional, and even spiritual strength when applied to mundane tasks. Remember, you are a joyful master. Never doubt you are strong. Never doubt you have what it takes to get through.

At another level this card represents our environment and our orientations to that environment, specifically in the context of our mission and purpose. Our mission, our purpose, our goal, the entire reason for our existence, is to help foster ascension/connection, to help graduate the planet by creating nurturing and supportive environments.

At yet another level, this card represents an important requirement of activation and ascension, which is grounding and connection with Gaia. Full and final connection only occurs if we successfully connect to the ground. We must do that spiritually, as when we connect and ground with Gaia in mutual support, but also electrically, as when we connect the subtle spinal energies to the necessary ground of Earth.

At the deepest level, this card represents a key to successful kundalini activation. Kundalini is a subtle energy flow (like electricity) through the body. Just like with electricity, kundalini energies require a ground through which to flow. When we realize this, we realize the full significance of Earth. Gaia provides the ground for full activation and connection. Without a proper ground, we cannot fully connect and we cannot assume full power.

Flow Control

In the old energy, this archetype is an archetype of repression, specifically the repression of passions, emotions, and even anger. In the old energy, this is also an archetype of control. “Strength signifies true control of the situation…”1 In the old energy, we are told to suppress our animal nature, to tame the savage beast, to control and repress our raging emotions. Taming the beast is an evolutionary step, we are told. Taming the beast makes us civilized, they will say. Taming the beast is necessary because inside we are savage beasts. “In the Strength Tarot card, a woman gently strokes a lion on its forehead and jaw. Even though it is known for its ferociousness, the woman has tamed this wild beast with her calming, loving energy. The lion is a symbol of raw passions and desires, and in taming him, the woman shows that animal instinct and raw passion can be expressed in positive ways when inner strength and resilience are applied.”2 This sentiment that strength is equal to domination, of self and of others, is set in psychological terms by Pollack who suggest “the beast” is our unconsciousness whose energy we must “calm” and tame. “Now consider Strength…. The picture shows a woman taming a lion. Briefly, the image suggests the energy of the unconscious released and calmed, ‘tamed’ by the direction of conscious understanding.”3

Contrary to what you might have been told, there is no wild beast inside and your unconsciousness does not need to be “tamed.” As science is increasingly discovering, humans are by nature gentle, ethical, and collectively (i.e. socially) oriented. If passions, anger, resentment, anxiety arise, it is often because realities are not properly aligned. We are right to be angry at injustice. We are right to get mad at exploitative bosses. We are right to rise up against oppression and exploitation. We are right to shove off those who violate our boundaries. In adequate and nurturing environments, left to themselves, humans exist in collective peace. It is only when perturbed by outside forces, or damaged by collective trauma (e.g., famine, war, toxic socialization), or suffering under the yoke of servitude, slavery, and oppression, that passions come boiling to the surface.

The question is of course raised at this point. If, by nature, humans are good inside, then why the admonition to repression? The answer is simple. Repression protects The System. Rather than getting angry at the exploitation one is subjected to, rather than feeling bad about the horrible things that we do as we service the System, we suppress and repress our true compassionate nature so we can faithfully function within the System. You are not supposed to get angry with the way the world is. You are supposed to accept it calmly and work with it, just as it is. Be grateful. Be wise. Evolve. Tame the wild beast so that the System may continue.

It is important to note this is an amputation of Self. This amputation does not make us strong, it makes us weak. Disconnected and repressed, we are unable to stand up against social pressure, convention, authority, and the aggressive domination of others in order to do what we know to be right, which is to transform and uplift the world. Disconnected, unaligned, and repressed, we turn to alcohol, money, and other addictions as a salve against painful disjuncture.

ard’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money,” Edelwyn (blog), 2020, https://www.edelwyn.com/strength/.In the new energies, strength is defined as the willingness to courageously serve humanity and the divine evolutionary plan. In the new energies, strength comes from alignment and connection. In the new energies, submission to authority or renunciation of Self are not required. In the new energies, domination and exploitation of others is not accepted.

To purify the old energy archetypes of strength,

  • Watch out for old energy ideas of strength as competition, control, violence, and domination over others, even if that domination is polite and “civilized”. We move forward into the new energies and towards graduation by consensus and accommodation and not cunning and “understanding.”
  • What out for subtle self-deception. Focusing on the cheap T-shirts you produce, and looking the other way while your company exploits child labour is not strength, it is symptomatic of repression, disconnection, misalignment, and profound self-delusion. Always remember, the good that you do does not balance out the evil that supports it.
  • Watch out for identification with old energy definitions of weakness. Emotions and passions are not a sign of weakness; they are simply a feature of the human body. Love and compassion are not flaws to be subverted and bent “under will;” they are facets of the bright light of Consciousness. Anger is often justified by the oppressive conditions foisted by The System. Right expression of emotions is necessary, but suppression and sublimation is not. Always remember, true strength is to be found in connection with Earth, alignment with Highest Self, and service to the Divine Plan, not in compliance, self-repression, and servitude to the System.

Group Study Questions

  1. Ask the people around you in group, or your friends and family, what they think “strength” means, and what they think it means to be strong. Summarize/write down their answers. Do most of them define strength as domination and control over others? Share their responses with the group.
  2. Think about the answers you received to question one. Think a little deeper about the sources of these ideas. What are the ideologies (Christianity, Freemasonry, Star Wars, Sports, Olympics, etc.) that convey/support these old energy versions of strength?
  3. Old energy ideas of strength are often associated with old energy archetypes of punishment and judgment. Spare the rod and spoil the child, as the Catholic priests say. We are being “strong” when we “justifiably” harm others, because they are being “bad” and they deserve it. Note, harming others is not strength, it is harmful violence against others and there is never any excuse for that. True strength is nurturing and support. Examine your life, your childhood, your parenting style, your work relationships, your intimate relationship, etc., and realize the places where you harm others. Take immediate steps to reduce and eventually eliminate that harm.


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