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The Calling | Michael Sharp

11:11 is your time to wake up

Key Phrase: 11:11 is your time to wake up.

Symbolism: Consciousness/Spirit/God is calling you. Looking up, you respond to the call. Opening your heart and mind, you let the love, power, and compassion of Consciousness slowly (or rapidly) descend, heal, and transform your Bodily Ego. A powerful pull that, for your own sake, and for the sake of all those who surround you, you should not ignore.

The figures, representing the bodily ego, look up as they respond to the Call. The body/mind begins to awaken. It is time to begin your journey healing journey home to stronger connection.

Narrative: This archetype represents the individual and collective call to awaken. The message is slowly getting through. You begin to realize, there is more to life than what you can see, and what you’ve been told. You begin to wonder, “What is this more?” As you progress you remember, life isn’t about judgment and punishment or trials and tribulations. Life isn’t about karma and debt and foolish tutelage in a cosmic school. It is a joyful, divine, evolutionary, dance.

As you respond to the Call and begin to awaken, the search for greater meaning, purpose, and understanding begins. The powerful urge to embrace truth and reality grows. You take a healing and connection[wiki] step forward on [wiki]The Path of empowerment and activation.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the call to awaken[wiki] to identity, [wiki]activate and empower,  to heal and ascend to stronger connection. The time for pretending is over. The time to move forward and embrace power and purpose is now.

At mundane levels this is a call to remember, heal, and reconnect. You will feel the Call as a niggling push to move forward. Trust that you have what it takes to move forward and make the shift. You might have a problem or a blockage, but the solution is there. If you pay closer attention, if you listen to inner guidance, and if you trust your intuition, the solution is right there to hand.

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