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The Calling | Michael Sharp

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Key Phrase: 11:11 is your time to wake up.

Symbolism: Consciousness/Spirit/God is calling you. Looking up, you respond to the Call. The body/mind begins to awaken. It is time to begin your healing journey home to stronger connection. Opening your heart and mind, engaging in Connection Practice or using Connection Supplements, you let the love, power, compassion, and understanding of Consciousness slowly (or rapidly) descend, heal, and transform you. A powerful pull that, for your own sake, and for the sake of all those who surround you, you should not ignore. The figures, representing the bodily ego, look up as they respond to the Call.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents the individual and collective call to awaken. The message is slowly getting through to everyone. As you respond to the Call and begin to awaken, the search for greater meaning, purpose, and understanding begins. The powerful urge to embrace truth and reality grows. You take a healing and connection step forward on The Path of empowerment and activation. You begin to realize, there is more to life than what you can see, and what you’ve been told. You begin to wonder, “What is this more?” As you progress, you remember, life isn’t about judgment and punishment or trials and tribulations. Life isn’t about karma and debt and foolish tutelage in a cosmic school. It is a joyful, divine, evolutionary dance.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the call to awaken to identity, to activate, to heal, to ascend to stronger connection and purpose. The time for pretending is over. The time to move forward is now.

At mundane levels this is the same call to remember, heal, and reconnect. You will feel the Call as a niggling push to move forward that will get stronger the more you ignore it. Trust that you have what it takes to move forward and make the shift. You might have a problem or a blockage, but the solution is there. If you pay closer attention, if you listen to inner guidance, and if you trust your intuition, the solution is right there to hand.

Flow Purification

The Call comes to everyone, no matter what you have done. In the old energy, however, you are taught about judgment and the notion that in the end you move forward only if you’re judged worthy. You must have the right blood. You must be a hard worker. You must be one of the “chosen” ones. Be aware, if you are not worthy, you will be punished (i.e. harmed) in some way. Better be careful. Don’t step forward too fast.

Note that in the old energy, judgment and punishment is not merely conceptualization. From the time we are born until the time that we day we face ongoing judgment and the perpetual violence and abuse of punishment. Our painful experiences, coupled with archetypes of judgment and punishment, creates a deep fear and PTSD. When you feel the Calling, this you discount your ability, you doubt your own worth, and you fear judgment and the consequences that inevitably ensue. The fear rises and, in order to protect itself, your Bodily Ego shuts down nascent connection. It is a sophisticated system of spiritual suppression that culminates in subversion of the Calling.

To put aside old energy fears and misconception,

  • Embrace your power and glory. Reject judgment. Reject punishment. Reject all notions that you must be worthy. After years and decades of indoctrination, we internalize the archetype of judgment and we apply it, often quite harshly to ourselves. When we judge ourselves unworthy, we reject the Calling. Therefore, replace negative self-statements (“I’m not good enough,” “I have no talent,” “I’m a loser,” etc.) with positive self-talk (“I’m strong,” “I’m beautiful,” “I’m worthy,” “I am a powerful master,” etc.). Remember, you are a joyful master incarnated to complete the Great Work.
  • Remember, everybody deserves peace, prosperity, happiness, and positive regard. Everybody is given the opportunity to awaken. All are welcome to participate in the glorious end-times celebration. All you have to do is throw off the old energies, reject the old archetypes, and embrace the powerful, glorious, and light-filled divinity within all life forms. Remember, there are no justifiable exclusions. Everybody gets to come home in the end.
  • Finally, watch out for the hurtful actions of authority figures, especially parents and teachers, as they enforce the old energies judgmental regime. You deserved none of the pain you received as a child. You deserve none of the suffering you experience as an adult. The new energy truth is simple. There are no valid excuses for hurting another living being. Remember. You are a powerful and joyful master. You have the strength, power, and freedom to walk away, so do that. If authorities do not step back, if they do not stop the hurt, walk away. This is the only way you’ll create a space where you can respond to your Calling.

Group Study Questions

  1. Spend some time thinking about all the pain and suffering you have experienced on this earth. Who is responsible for that pain and suffering? Was it your parents, your teachers, your priests, your bosses? Did your parents beat you, or psychologically abuse you, or emotionally abuse you? Were you sexually assaulted by trusted adults in your life? Were you picked on and excluded at school? Did teachers “judge” you with a “C” and make you seem stupid in front of your peers? Did you own this suffering? Did you fall prey to the “judgments” of others? Did you think you deserved it? If so, take a few moments to reject all those judgments No matter how ugly or pretty, fat or thin, weak or strong, stupid or dumb, mean or vicious you may have been, you do not deserve any pain and suffering. What you deserve is love, support, guidance, and healing.
  2. Have you hurt others? Have you hit them, called them names, excluded them, made them feel bad, etc.? How did you justify this behaviour? What excuses did you give to yourself that made it OK to hurt others, even children? What do you think about those excuses now?
  3. Spend a few moments imagining a world where nobody judges, nobody punishes, and where violence and abuse of another simply does not occur. List two or three things about our current world that would have to change, in order for this non-violent utopia to emerge. Let your imagination run wild.
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