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Master | Michael Sharp

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There is a master within you

Key Phrase: There is a master within me.

Symbolism: The physical unit is mature, healthy, and strong. A lemniscate above connects your Spiritual Ego to your Bodily Ego below. When properly realized, this is a strong connection. The figure stands tall, aligned, confident and proud. Palm pointed up, palm pointed down, this master implements the Divine Plan and completes The Great Work. Highest Self united with self. Bodily Ego merged with Spiritual Ego and aligned. That which is in Consciousness above reflected perfectly in matter below. The Soul has arrived in an open, receptive, healthy, and mature Physical Unit. United as one, they manifest physical creation in the direction of light, love, and magic.

New Energy Narrative

Archetypes answer big questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” This Master archetype is an extension of the Joyful archetype. This archetype provides an elaboration on the big questions “Who am I” and “Why am I here.” As you learned with the Joyful archetype, in the new energy, you are here with a joyful purpose and that purpose is to complete the Great Work so that the planet may graduate. As you learn with this archetype, you are skilled master who has been in training for a very long time. The basic message is simple: you are joyful master and you are here to complete the Great Work.

Please take note, you are a true master. You are no passive receptacle. You are no mere vessel. You are no empty conduit. You are no simple servant. You are no passive lamb. You are no fallen angel. You are no descended ape. You are not here to “learn your lessons” or prove your worth. You are not here to “find your place” in the castes and classes of this world. On the contrary, you are a caretaker, nurturer, and gardener. You are an “old soul,” as are we all. You have incarnated in a Physical Unit many times before in order to prepare for this moment. You have gained much experience on your journeys and now you are an expert at what you do. When fully awakened and activated, you are a Creator Cell, a master of manifestation and creation. Now, respond to the Calling. Awaken, connect, and use your vast knowledge and the mastery that lifetimes of experience have has provided to manifest and complete the Great Work.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, you are taught that you are an unworthy fool in school here to learn lessons and pay off debt before you can be admitted into the “special” club. In the old energy you are told you can’t handle the truth. In the old energy, you are told you are not worthy. To become worthy, comply. Pay your dues. Work hard. Follow the rules. Submit yourself to judgment and “justice.” Conform in order to gain admittance into the club.

The new energy archetype teaches the exact opposite. The Master archetype sends the message that you do not have to be “chosen” or deemed worthy by some worldly figure, like a priest, brother, or boss. You are already a Powerful and Joyful Master on a Divine mission for which you have spent lifetimes preparing. All you have to do is heal, connect. All you have to do is awaken and take your power back. The TOSAS Master also reminds you that there is no one standing above us in judgment. Rather, our connection to Consciousness and God, symbolized by the energetic connection to the lemniscate, is one of support and empowerment, not diminishment and control.

With these new energy ideas in mind….

  • Watch out for suggestions that your purpose is to run a gauntlet so you can prove yourself. Reject this notion. Understand, you are a spark of Divine Consciousness incarnated in a physical unit. You do not have to prove anything to anybody. You only have to heal, align, and connect to your Spiritual Ego.
  • Watch out for ideas that you are here to “learn lessons,” pass tests, or otherwise grow and develop. It is true that your physical unit needs to mature and strengthen to accommodate Consciousness, and it may need training (voice lessons, music lessons, education, etc.) to be able to properly express its full potential, but that’s not You, that’s your body. Your Spiritual Ego is an evolved master of creation. If you want to accomplish something in this life, do what it takes to train and prepare the bodily ego so it can connect and express the powerful and joyful master within.
  • Watch out for ideas that have you bowing to authority or submitting to another’s will. Why would a master need to submit? In any case, God/Spirit never requires submission. God expects only joyful participation and responsible co-creation. It is OK to follow a competent and connected leader, but you do not have to submit to another’s will, pass tests, or endure judgment to prove yourself worthy. Remember, you are already a powerful spark of incarnated divinity. Start acting like the thing that you are.
  • Watch out for suggestion that you are less worthy (or more worthy, for that matter) and capable than other people. Remember, the message of the Master archetype. We have all incarnated in a body many times. We all have lifetimes of experience. We all have a superpower buried deep down inside which, given proper education, training, and satisfaction of the Seven Essential Needs, will automatically manifest. Reject notions that justify hierarchy and inequality and remember we are all equally masters in incarnation.

Group Study Questions

  1. Our societies constantly give us the message that we are limited, undeveloped, impotent, sheeple. We often hear that only a few people are special, and only are few are “chosen.” The message is repeated often and is supported by reward systems and ceremonies as small as commencement and as big as the Olympics. On this world we worship the winners but consign the losers to poverty and obscurity, trying never to think about them again, and putting them down if they complain about their lot. After reading the above, what thoughts come to mind about your life, your workplace, etc.? Share your thoughts, positive or negative, with the group.
  2. Think back to your own childhood. How did it feel when you were in the “losers” circle? Did being in the losers circle motivate you to do more, or did it demotivate, suppress, or even depress you? Do you remember what happened if you complained? Share your thoughts with the group.
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