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The Promise | Michael Sharp

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The Garden of Full Connection

Key Phrase: The Garden of Full Connection.

Symbolism: Two figures rejoice in paradise. Bathed in the highest light of Consciousness/Christ/God (the Sun), they stand firmly in the waters of manifestation. Having, through sacrifice and masterful effort, uplifted the dense and inanimate disk of physical creation (this Earth) to full and connected life, they now bask in the glory of an ascended planet. This planet, once inanimate, then cold and submerged, is now elevated and filled with the Light. Consciousness floods the land. This is the Crowning of Malkuth. This is the purpose achieved. This is the promise of the power and the glory of Consciousness, descended and fully expressed in the body and also The Body.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype teaches you the point and the purpose of your joyful incarnation. You are not here to learn lessons or pay off Karma. You are here to evolve the planet’s social, technological, economic, and political systems to the point where integration into interplanetary civilization becomes possible. You are here to build a Garden so that we might, at the end of the sixth day, graduate, celebrate, and play in our new creation.

In addition to representing the crowning of physical creation with Consciousness, this archetype also represents a promise of forgiveness, healing, and return. Let us be clear. While sacrificing in the darkness, while stumbling beneath The Blindfold, we all do bad things. This archetype represents the promise that if you undertake the sacrifice of disconnection in order to uplift and graduate a planet, then no matter how damaged and twisted you may be, no matter how far you have fallen, a way home will always be provided for you. Despite all propaganda to the contrary (i.e. notions that you will be judged and discarded into hellfire), this is the unbreakable Covenant of Consciousness. This is the promise that no matter where you stand, no matter what you have done, no matter how far you have fallen from connection, the door to your Highest Self will always remain open. If you wish to return home, simply embrace the rising sun of your own Highest Self.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this archetype represents the exaltation of Consciousness in matter, the end-point of planetary gestation, the glorious end-times summation. This is the collective recognition of divinity, mass reconnection, and the glorious culmination of the Plan. This is not graduation per se., for that is a celebratory and interplanetary event. However, this is successful manifestation of the Garden of Connection (a.k.a. Garden of Eden, Kingdom of Heaven, or Shambhala). It should be noted, from the collective realization of divinity and the final ascent of Consciousness, it is only a short step up the podium for graduation.

At lower levels, this is the promise made to you before incarnation. There is no “karmic cleansing.” There is no foolish tutelage. At the end of the day, there is no judgment and no damnation No matter what you may have done, you are forgiven for your sins. But, it cannot be business as usual. To join the final celebration, set your foot upon The Path and move forward.

Flow Purification

In both the old and new energies, archetypes speak of a plan, of a journey, and of an eventual “triumph over dark.” The difference is that in the old energy, this is not a win for everybody, this is a win only for the “chosen few,” the “silver seed,” as one sixties songwriter put it. In the old energy, this is the personal triumph of the hero as they complete the Fool’s journey. “He [sic] went forth to accomplish a mission, thus grasping it, he enters the path of wisdom and after trial and ordeal manifestation united with the Divine….[This is] tests of courage, obstacles overcome, drive and ambition.”1 It should be clear. In the old energy, there is an exclusionary message. In the old energy, this is the Aryan” warriors” grandiose and violent assertion of privilege.

Of course, to move forward, to find passage, to arrive in the promised land, you must remember, we are all part of the same family of Spirit. Any form of privilege and exclusion does not align well with Highest Self. It is necessary, therefore, to put aside exclusionary rhetoric and justification. The final step before collective connection and graduation is to simply assert, admit, and accept that in the new energy there can be no elements of privilege or exclusion and no intimations of final judgment and woe. True, we have sacrificed while we have laboured towards graduation. True, we have all done many horrible things. However, at the end of the sixth day, when graduation day is here, everyone (and I do mean everyone) is entitled to celebratory renewal. This is God’s promise to you. Everybody gets to join in the party. Nobody gets “left behind.” With this in mind, remember…

  • Getting out of the ugly old energy is easy; watch out for ideas that support and justify exclusion in any way, be that by gender, ethnicity, social class, or whatever. Watch out for subtle messages of rapture and ascent that deny and exclude others. At the end of the sixth day, there is no judgment. The chosen ones will not be raptured into heaven or flown off in a spaceship to a new world. We are all welcomed with open arms back into the family of spirit. We all graduate together, or we don’t graduate at all.
  • The best practice for this card is celebratory love. Be warm, accepting, and compassionate to all beings. When you see evil in the world, when you witness Wrong Thought or Wrong Action, resist the urge to judge and condemn. Instead, work to fulfill the promise by helping to heal and transform. Remember, graduation is a collective process. Nobody gets left behind.

Group Study Questions

  1. If you come from a religious background (and in the general container of religion we include all known and unknown esoteric brotherhoods, fraternities and sisterhoods), spend a few moments digging out the “promises” of your faith. What sorts of things are you promised for being good? What sorts of things are you promised for following the rules? What sorts of things are you promised for performance? What reward is offered? What happens when the work is complete? Who gets the reward and who is excluded? Share with the group.
  2. It is not just exclusionary ideology that has to be rooted out and eliminated. You need to practice inclusion as well. This means that exclusionary political or social activities are no longer acceptable. Boys clubs are designed to exclude women. Cliques are designed to exclude the “uncool.” Hierarchies of all sorts, whether they are based on the colour of skin, the shape of genitals, grades on exams, or whatever meaningless tests are devised, serve only the powerful and privileged. They attenuate our power and dominate us by dividing us from each other. Therefore, examine your thoughts and actions. What sorts of exclusionary practices did you practice? Share your thoughts with the group.


1Zalewski and Zalewski, The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn, 189–90.

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