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Realization | Michael Sharp

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The Mind’s True Liberation

Key Phrase: The mind’s true liberation

Symbolism: The pearl-like globe embedded in purple energies indicates the involvement of the crown chakra, your brain. The yellow box is a box of constriction and limitation. The hand represents authority, power, and control implemented in this planet’s Master Narrative through ideology and archetypes. The archetypes in our mind bind or emancipate. The hand of authority emerges through the mind and clutches the figure in the box, but the figure is breaking free. Another figure has already escaped. Reprogramming her brain, striving for connection (looking up), she dips her foot in the new reality (the water) below. Moving forward, she rejoins all who are free.

Breaking free from the limitations of mental slavery, you realize the truth. You accept the sacrifice that brought you here. You remember the promise of healing and reconnection. You reclaim your status as a joyful master of creation. No longer confined within the delusions and self delusions of maya, you work on the world and help others heal and connect. Together, we will graduate our creation.

New Energy Narrative

This archetype represents the mind’s true liberation. This is the lightning flash of creative/intuitive/intellectual realization. This is powerful, electrical, inspiration. This is enlightenment, big and small, as it electrifies your body, reprograms your mind, and and reverberates throughout your creation.

The basic new energy message of this card is quite simple to understand—realization is an event that occurs as we heal and reconnect, but this is not just one event. Many realizations occur as we progress towards emancipation, empowerment and reConnection.

At the highest and most aligned levels, as you move forward towards healing and reconnection, you realize (or begin to realize) the truth of things. You begin to realize you have been lied to. You begin to realize you have been severely limited by archetypal deceptions. You are more than an ejected Adam. You are more than a temptress named Eve. You are more than a broken down soul. You are more than a submissive chela. You are more than a fool in school. Indeed, you are much more than what you have been told.

At mundane levels, this archetype points you towards a breakthrough. You remove a brick in the old energy wall. You break through a blockage or obstacle. Breaking free of control, error, familiarity, and limitation, you embrace diversity and pursue new energy alternatives and new energy solutions.

You would think realization is a simple thing. Look at reality, see the what is there, realize truth. In fact, it can be a challenge. Indoctrination confuses us and blinds are eyes. Toxic Socialization damages and disconnects us. System Agents work hard to keep us confused and enthralled.

The solution to the conundrum is simple—appropriately forceful and properly formed will and intent. You do not have to wait for a saviour to save you. You do not have to wait for some angel to guide you. Simply set your intent. Repeat the following affirmation as many times throughout the day as you can remember and changes will forthwith ensue.

I wish to wake up. I wish to move forward. I wish to realize the truth. I wish to take my power back.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, realization and enlightenment are suppressed in multiple ways. For example, toxic socialization experiences damage the body and lower the capacity of the mind. In addition, as children we are all taught to identify the truth represents conformity with what the “authorities” tell us. In the old energy tarot, this message is most clear in the Hierophant card where submission to the philosophical will of the Hierophant is on clear display, and where we are told that in order to get admitted to “the club,” we must submit and comply. According to the old energy Compliance and Submission archetype, there is no other way. No matter how high or low you might be, independent thought and feeling are not allowed. To gain entry to the club, to gain access to the Secrets, you must submit and follow the leader.

If y0u want to get out of the old energies, you need to understand, compliance and submission have nothing to do with realization and emancipation. In fact, they are the complete antithesis of each other. Realization comes internally via connection, not externally by following another. Emancipation comes by breaking through the control of the “masters.” Those who comply and submit inevitably find themselves cut off from their own inspiration, indoctrinated, and in thrall to The System.

Understand, there is nothing wrong with finding a good teacher or seeking instruction in things. In fact, a good teacher can speed the process and ease the challenges of learning. However, at no time should spiritual instruction be dependent on compliance and servitude. At no time should you be required to sit at the feet of some “master,” literally or figuratively. Authentic Spirituality is about emancipation and empowerment. Authentic teachers will never require submission and compliance.

To get out from under the thumb of the old energy archetypes that teach you to comply and submit,

  • Watch out for appeals to authority and tradition. You do not need to believe something just because somebody in a fancy costume says it, or because it is written in an aging “sacred” book. In fact, be wary of fancy costumes and ritual accoutrements. These are inevitably manipulative props designed to dazzle and confuse. Be on your guard against ancient spiritual “wisdom,” since it is often designed intentionally to confuse. Remember, you always have a right to ask questions and you always have the right to disagree, though you should always be respectful of others.
  • Archetypes of compliance and submission are often linked with threats of punishment and damnation but remember, failing to follow “the rules” does not lead to eternal damnation, and it should not lead to violence and assault. God, Consciousness, Spirit, never punishes simply because violence damages the Physical Unit and corrupts and undermines pure Connection. Punishment is only useful to those who require compliance. Patient, persistent, and restitution work better to correct unaligned behaviour. Therefore, reject all justification for harming others and accept no justification for violence against self. There is no valid justification for violence.
  • Finally, reject anyone or anything that requires your compliance and submission. Never sit submissive at the foot of another. Never array yourself around somebody’s throne. Instead, take back joyful power and authority for yourself. Participate as an equal in the Great Work. Work together with others to transform and graduate this world.

Group Study Questions

  1. Examine your life for messages that encourage compliance and servitude. What persons required and trained you to comply and submit (i.e., parents, teachers, priests, officers)? What were the things they offered you in return for following the rules they set out? Was it entrance into the club, passage into heaven, power and privilege over others, or something more?
  2. Overcoming compliance and submission can be challenging, particularly at an emotional and psychological level. We have been trained from an early age to comply and submit and when we do not, we often hurt (i.e. “punished”) as a result. Consequently,l when we reject authority we may experience, depending on the severity and history of our “punishments,” anxiety, fear, even paranoia. Nevertheless, it is necessary to reject authority in order to reclaim your power. Can you think of specific practices that can help you “take back your power.” Share your thoughts with the group.
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