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Victory | Michael Sharp

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This is my Spirit Triumphant

Key Phrase: This is my Spirit triumphant.

Symbolism: The human body evolved, empowered, and connected. Spirit fully activated and finally triumphant. Encased in flame, rising like a phoenix, you joyfully and powerfully rise up and transform your self and this world. DNA fully actualized and divinity fully articulated, you welcome Highest Self. You rejoice as the body (and Body) connects and transforms. Universal energies provide the necessary force as the world realigns and ascends towards graduation.

New Energy Narrative

Narrative: This archetype represents the individual and collective Triumph of Spirit. This is complete connection, total empowerment, and personal and global transformation. This is the ultimate victory, which is not simply the victory of Spirit over the body, but the victory of Spirit over The Body.

At the highest collective level, this archetype represents final triumphant ascension of the planet. This is The Great Work completed. Perhaps vestiges of the old world remain, perhaps people are still in need of assistance, but rapidly dissolving elite power structures and increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques make it easier to heal, connect, and to help those who need assistance. Finally, the day of reckoning has arrived. Resistance continues to dissipate. Welcome the elimination of all darkness. Though times may remain dark just yet, there is nothing but joyful celebration ahead. Persistence, dedication, training, and sacrifice have finally paid off. Empowered and strong, we take the final collective step forward.

Flow Purification

In the old energy, this archetype provides additional commentary on the Fool’s/Hero’s journey. In the old energy, this is the fool/hero victorious and fully evolved. This is “conquest and triumph over obstacles…” 1 This is the end of the journey. In the old energy, this is when all the lessons are learned and all karma has been repaid. As Pollack notes, “‘lessons’’ of the early cards have been absorbed, the adolescent period of searching and self-creation has been passed, and now we see the mature adult…”2

In esoteric traditions, victory is typically portrayed as the suppression of emotions, ascendance of intellect, and passive acceptance and compliance. Victory, we are told, comes to those that tame the savage beast inside. Of course, there is nothing particularly vile about suggesting there is a victorious end to personal development. The problem comes in what counts as fully evolved. In the old energy, victory and graduation comes via submission, compliance, the abolishment of conflict (in the lodge), the suppression of emotions, the exaltation of a disconnected intellectual normality, and abstract acceptance of “what is,” no matter how vile that may be. Old energy guidance goes to create compliant cogs in the System who would suppress empathy and compassion and would rather “go along” than stand up and cause conflict in the room. However, in the new energy, perfection and graduation comes from healing and reConnection to the joyful master within. This reconnection is not without its problems and challenges, but in the process of healing and reconnection, we do not amputate parts of ourselves or accept the world as it is. Instead, we embrace our full power, align with our Highest Self, and work on the world together in order to graduate and ascend. Remember, in the new energies, the struggle is not tame the beasts, suppress emotions, or amputate parts of our self; the struggle is to heal and awaken so we can activate and ascend. In the new energies, the struggle is to establish Right Environment, Right Thought, and Right Action. In the new energies, the struggle is to uplift and connect all of creation. Therefore, to clear old energy thought,

  • Watch out for advice and guidance that encourages you to view your self as a sinful, violent, primitive, ape on a journey that requires suppression of your emotions, the avoidance of conflict, and submission to those above. Instead, embrace your powerful and victorious Self and change the world.
  • Watch out for advice and guidance that directs you to repress your emotions or your “animal self.” There is no animal self that needs repression, no beast that you need to denude. Emotions are an important aspect of being human. Their repression undermines potential and connection, puts you out of touch and alignment with Highest Self, makes you easier to manipulate, and easier for you to engage in selfish, toxic, and unaligned behaviours.
  • Watch out for excuses and justifications of violence or abuse, like notions that violence and abuse are good for you, that they strengthen and/or temper you. Understand, conflict, struggle, strife, violence, aggression, war, etc., are never justified. Violence and assault cause emotional, psychological, spiritual, and even physical damage to the vessel, which undermines development and your ability to connect. Remind yourself; the human body is a sensitive instrument of Consciousness, a Star when fully activated connected.

Group Study Questions

  1. In the new energy, this card is about successful and more permanent activation and connection. As you walk your path to this goal, now is a time for useful reflection and review. Ask yourself, what are some of the things you need to do in order to “prepare the vessel” (i.e. get the chariot ready) for activation and connection? Draw on early LP workbooks and your own intuition. Write down the things that come to your mind. Share.
  2. Have you ever had chakra or kundalini activations? You can recognize chakra activation by palpitations, tingling, energy flow, shivers, and uncontrollable movements. You can recognize kundalini activations by the powerful and expansive energy that flows through your entire body. These activations can be frightening, disturbing, and difficult to ground, especially if you are unprepared or surrounded by toxic folk. Fear, paranoia, egoic bloating, egoic collapse, and egoic explosion, and other forms of ego pathology may result. The negative experience can be so bad that you run away from spirituality and hide in the “normal” world. Think back. Have you had negative activation experiences? Do these now prevent you from pursuing a triumphant activation? Consider that you were simply improperly prepared. What things would you do now to better prepare? Share with the group.


1Wen, Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth.

2Pollack, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, 65.

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