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World | Michael Sharp

We work on this World to complete the Great Work

New Energy Narrative

Key Phrase: We work on this world to complete the Great Work.

Symbolism: Twenty-four multi-coloured figures, symbolic of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the entire gender spectrum, circle and work with Gaia. The meniscus represents this planet’s Creation Template which informs and guides the Great Work.

Narrative: This archetype conveys the reason you are here. This archetype teaches you about the collective nature of life and the Great Work. As you can see if you consider the card, life is not an individual project, it is a collective action. You are here, as is everyone else, as a joyful master of creation. You are here not for individual attainment, but to help implement the Divine Plan. You are not here for personal evolution and perfection, but to help evolve and graduate this fine world. You are here to create a joyful playground for spirit. You are here to complete the Great Work.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the work of evolving and ascending a planet, a new pearl in the vast cosmic ocean of time and space. You should know, this is a big job and it takes a long time. Furthermore, there are no bystanders in this process. All life forms, not only humans, are implicated. To maintain the biosphere, to evolve society, to graduate a planet, all life is required. Respect even the lowly worm because their work is as essential as yours is.

At a mundane level, this is your job, a hobby, your home, your family, your life, and the people that help you create and maintain it all. Never forget, you are part of a local, national, and global community. Despite the lies you have been told, there is no such thing as individual attainment. Take a look around you at all the food grown by strangers and the things made by others. Remember, none survive but that they are supported by the farmers, the trades, and the services. Take a look behind you at those that have nurtured and guided. None thrive but for the support and the guidance of others. Always remember, no human is an island and we all arrive here to complete the Great Work.

Old Energy Narrative

Justification and Excuse

Key Phrase: Elite over primitive masses

Symbolism: In the old energy, this archetype is represented by the Wheel of Fortune card. In this card, we see several figures representing various mythological or spiritual personalities surrounding a wheel. In the outmost circle of the wheel we see the letters TARO arranged in a circle. Reading around the circle we find the word TAROT. In the outer circle, we also find the Jewish characters YHVH, signaling the name of God. In the middle circle, we find various alchemical symbols, mercury, sulfur, water and salt.

Narrative: In the old energy, this archetype provides excuse, justification, and enablement for the robbery, torture, murder, war, and rape common on an Old Energy world. This is, after all, “the karma card” where we learn that “what goes up will come down.”1 But his is also, we are told, the fortune card, where things happen because of blind random chance. As Pollack notes, the King may be at the top now, but “All of a sudden the goddess Fortuna turns the wheel and the king gets crushed at the bottom.”2 But this is also, as Case notes, the “working of unalterable law. The rotation of circumstance appears to be accidental, but is not really so.”3

The message of this old energy archetype is abundantly clear. If there is a problem with your life it is not because The System is organized to specifically exploit you, it is for other reasons altogether. It is you are operating “against the current of karma, destiny, or even chance.” It is because God’s got a plan that you simply can’t understand. Do not complain. Do not wonder. Do not rise up and transform the System. Instead, “have faith that the Universe will take care of your situation in the best way possible.” And if it does not, if exploitation and enslavement continue to inexorably grind you down, don’t worry, be happy, because “Good luck and good fortune will make their return in time.”4

In addition to blaming God, the universe, random chance, or karma for bad things in your life, this old energy archetype also reinforces and “refines” the Fool in School archetype by suggesting a set on the Fool’s path. As we are told, this is “the revolution of experience and progress…”5 all of which are governed by your personal choices and personal initiative. This is someone who is a constant striver…whose growth potential is consistent with these abilities.”6

Flow Purification

The old energy wheel archetype is profoundly disempowering and disconnecting. It portrays your life circumstances, good or bad, in a contradictory fashion, as something either beyond your control (fate/God’s plan/random chance) or entirely your fault (karmic turnings). Once you accept the old energy excuse and justifications presented by various tarot pundits, everything from cancer to poverty to imperialist war can be justified and excused by reference to “the wheel of life.” After all, it is “karma,” “God’s will” or “nature’s way.” Poor and homeless? It is your own fault, or pure blind luck.

Ultimately, this old energy archetype creates passivity and acceptance. Once you accept the excuses, you are under no obligation to do anything and you can passively sit back and do nothing. If you are rich you can go on being rich with a clear conscience. If you are poor, then you can accept “your lot” without thinking too much about it.

The old energy Wheel energies are powerful and difficult to snap out of, especially if you are one of the rich/loyal/silent ones. Be that as it may, when you finally get to this point, remember the lessons of the TOSAS. You are a joyful and powerful master, a lightworker incarnated on this Earth to manifest the Divine Plan by completing the Great Work on this world. You are a lightworker and star, incarnating on an evolving world so that you can uplift and graduate this planet. After lifetimes of experience, preparation, and sacrifice, you have the strength to victoriously finalize the plan. Know this, our goal has always been the evolution of a civilization sufficiently advanced to integrate into interplanetary civilization. All you have to do now is remember the promise, respond to the calling, realize the truth, emancipate yourself of mental slavery, and initiate healing and reconnection. Know this: it is time for rebirth of the Self. Align, activate, and find passage to the Divine World.

In addition to learning the TOSAS, keep in mind the following.

  • The key to understanding the old energy version of this card are the words justification and excuse. In the old energy, this card provides justification and excuse for violence against others, suffering, inequality, exploitation, poverty, greed, violence, and war. If you want out of the old energy, stop accepting excuses and stop giving them. To do that, watch out for justifications and excuses in your own life. Ask yourself this question: do you justify and excuse exploitation, violence, privilege, and inequality in any way? Do you give yourself excuses and tell yourself it is ok to hit your kids, harm and exploit others. If so, understand, it is time for all that to stop.
  • Justification and excuse are not the only problems of the old energy Wheel. The old energy here comes with a healthy dose of self-delusion. Therefore, watch out for lies and deception, especially self-deception. Do not look at the world with naivety and self-delusion. Do not pretend the world is a better place than it really is. Do not pretend your life is something that is not. In order for healing, connection, and graduation to occur, the world as it is must quickly change. In order for that to happen, we must face the truth at all levels. If you ignore the suffering and toxicity that surrounds you, if you pretend the world is something that it is not, there is no motivation for change. Face the hard truths of your life and take action to transform and change.
  • Finally, understand that when properly developed and connected, we do not operate as individuals on this world. When properly educated and aligned, we operate as a galactic collective. Moving forward we must all together acknowledge, atone, and account for the things we have done in the past. Moving forward, we must all together take responsibility and transform this world. Take responsibility for all the good things you have done. More importantly, take responsibility for all the bad things you have done. Remember, this is not about judgment and damnation, this is about alignment, reconnection, and planetary graduation. To join the end-times party, open your eyes, own your actions, embrace the New Energy, and dance.

Additional and Group Study Questions

  1. The new energy card is all about the Great Work, which is the work of uplifting all things, starting with your self, your local life, your community, your nation, and finally, the planet. It is a big job but it is easier when you start small. Look at your current life situation. Are there actions, people, and things in your life that need uplifting and fixing? Do you need to release anger and forgive? Do you need to create boundaries to protect yourself? Do you need to apologize and atone? Are you rich? Are you a capitalist? Do you need to pay your fair share? Do you need to pay your employees a living wage? Do you need to make your workplace safer and more interesting? Do you need to treat people better? Are you a parent? Do you need to give more attention to your kids? Are you a politician? Do you need to change some laws? Make a list of the things you need to change. The end is here. Do not delay. Take immediate action.
  2. No doubt, the list you come up with can be quite overwhelming, and might even seem impossible. That is because you are limited by past “old energy” experiences, where change and transformation have been painful and slow. Remember, however, you are not the only person waking up. As more and more people awaken, resistance to transformation will gradually fall away and, like a cool northern breeze, collective support will be the game of the day. Eventually, even difficult transformations will be easy. With this in mind, look at your list and prioritize. What changes can be accomplished in your life, at work, and at the top, now? What will have to wait a few years more? Remember, the new energy World card shows people at work. There are no bystanders in this end-of-cycle process of graduation. Share your top priorities with the group.
  3. Facing the reality of the old energy world and how toxic and violent it is can, and has always been, cause anxiety, stress, and fear. When you see the truths that surround you, you are wise to be anxious and stressed. Anxiety and stress identify areas of concern that require attention. However, too much can be quite debilitating. Therefore, if you do feel anxiety and stress, practice breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. If legal in your area, CBD Cannabis oils and strains are quite helpful in this regard. Once you are calm, identify the source of the anxiety/stress. Is it world events? Is it challenging issues in your family? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you experience resistance from those that surround. Right the sources down and share with the group. Strategize ways to address and transform.


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