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World | Michael Sharp

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We transform the world and complete the Great Work.

Key Phrase: We transform the world and complete the Great Work.

Symbolism: Twenty-four multi-coloured figures, representing all life on Earth, take responsibility and develop The Plan. Twenty-four multi-coloured figures, symbolic of the twelve signs of the Zodiac and the entire gender spectrum (the Rainbow Spectrum), work together and with Gaia to complete the Great Work. The meniscus represents this planet’s Creation Template which informs and guides our thoughts and actions.

TOSAS Narrative: This archetype answers the big question “Why am I here.” The answer it conveys is simple. You are here not for individual attainment, but to help implement the Divine Plan. You are not here for personal evolution nor to overcome delusional imperfection, but to evolve the planet. You are here not for karmic reparation, but to work on and graduate this world. You are here as a joyful and powerful master of creation to create a joyful playground for Spirit. You are here to complete the Great Work.

At the highest and most aligned levels, this is the work of evolving and ascending a planet, a new pearl in the vast cosmic ocean of time-space. You should know, this is a big job and it takes a long time. Furthermore, this is not an individual process and there are no bystanders in this process. As you can see if you consider this archetype, this is not an individual project, it is a collective action. All life forms, not only humans, are implicated. To maintain the biosphere, to evolve society, to graduate a planet, all life is required. Respect even the lowly worm because their work is as essential as yours is.

At a mundane level, this is your job, a hobby, your home, your family, your life, and the people that help you create and maintain it all. Never forget, you are part of a local, national, and global community. Despite the lies you have been told, there is no such thing as individual attainment or heroic indendence. Take a look around you at all the food grown by strangers and the things made by others. Remember, none survive but that they are supported by the farmers, the trades, and the services. Take a look behind you at those that have nurtured and guided. None thrive but for the support and the guidance of others. Always remember, no human is an island and we all arrive here to complete the Great Work.

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