Triumph of Spirit Book One: Healing and Activating

Triumph of Spirit Book One: Healing and Activating with the Triumph of Spirit Archetypes is an exploration of personal healing using the powerful archetypes of Mike Sosteric's Triumph of Spirit Archetype System. Triumph of Spirit Book One focusses on using the deck for personal and collective healing, growth, and transformation.

For best effect, obtain a print copy of the Triumph of Spirit Archetye Cards. You can also browse the full set of archetype cards online at

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Table of contents

    • What is the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS)?
      • The western TAROT
      • Archetypal books
      • Creation templates
      • Origin of the templates
      • Old energy template
      • The old energy Rider-Waite tarot
      • New energy templates
    • Healing and spiritual practice
      • Attention healers
      • Getting started
      • To begin an assessment
      • General guidance
      • Expanding your connection
      • Spreading the cards
      • Assessment
      • Attention LP students
    • The Archetypes
      • Overview
    • Identity
      • Joyful
    • Awakening
      • The Calling
      • The Master
      • The World
      • Sacrifice
      • The Promise
      • Realization
      • Initiation
    • Activation
      • Strength
      • Alignment
      • Formation
      • Force
      • Emancipation
      • Activation
      • Connection
    • Ascension
      • Rebirth
      • Passage
      • Power
      • Lightworker
      • Victory
      • The Star
      • Graduation

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