Vayda Jayne Bean

Well greetings there, my name is Vayda Jayne Bean and I’ve got the biggest light you’ve ever seen. It shines bright in the night, it shines faithful and right, and it gives ghoulies ‘round me a terrible fright.

It’s a good thing this light that’s in me shines so bright, for the world out there can be as black as the night. With the greebly Greeb Grommels and icky Sad Songfuls, and stinky Black Frats that abound by the armfuls.

But it bothers me not that there’re monsters about, for this light that I have it leaves me with no doubt, that the monsters that I see out here and out there, are no more than the Vaporous Vapes, just thin air.

So each day I go up and I shine my light out, and I see all the Vaporous Vapes that come out. And I smile and I say, as they squint at the glare, “Look the same light’s in you. Let it out with some flair!”

For it’s more fun to dance and sing brightly about, than to scatter and scurry as our lights come out. See the sun that’s up there? Feel the grass? Breathe the air? Could this world be more wondrous, joyous, or fair?

For my name, I shall sing it, it’s Vayda Jayne Bean, and I’ve got the biggest light you’ve ever seen. It shines bright in the night, it shines faithful and right and keeps me snug and tight as I kiss you… good night.

Vayda Jayne Bean is a children’s book designed to teach a fundamental spiritual truth

Vayda Jayne Bean is a story about the powerful Light that shines within us all. It is a story about recognizing the Light and letting it shine. It is also a story about resisting the suppression of the Light and (most important) using the powerful light within to transform the world around.

If you are tired of the negative messages our society gives to our children, if you want your child to receive a powerful message of love and inner divinity, read them the beautiful and light filled story of Vayda Jayne Bean.

The book is available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Chili Bean, and Szechuan flavors (with Wasabi on the way) so your child can see themselves reflected.

Emancipate and empower your children. Teach them that the Light shines within.


Chili Bean



Emancipate and Empower your Child

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