Dear One stop.
Did you feel that deep inside?
Way down there,
Where it’s easy to hide.

That foul dark,
Covering something inside core.
Depth of mind,
This is no time for pride.

Listen now.
Please see through to the real rhyme.
It is God,
That you’ve covered in slime.
It is God,
Hidden deep down within you.
It is God,
That speaks now in this rhyme.

Wake up now.
Child the time for sleep’s over.
Wake up now.
Self-deception is done.
Wake up now.
Ascension fast is upon us.
Wake up now.
Before hurricane’s run.

World and Wheel,
You have Sacrificed mighty.
Pain and blood,
Has poured out of your skin.
For a plan,
That was made at beginning.
For a purpose,
That will make us all grin.

But wake up.
For the time is upon you.
Wake up now.
Let your journey begin.

Wake up now.
Accept Love that’s inside you.
Wake up now.
Please forgive all your sin.

Michael Sharp

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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