What is Enlightenment

Greetings and welcome. Today, I want to talk to you about enlightenment. I want to talk a bit about what it is, how you accomplish it, and in the process of this discussion, I want to clear up a lot of the confusion, frustration, and just plain silliness that often surrounds this idea.

What kind of silliness am I talking about? Allow me to illustrate. A few years ago, there was this magazine called “What is enlightenment?” The title of the magazine asked the question, “What is enlightenment?” Inside the magazine were articles from people trying to answer the question. There was even a forum for the magazine where people tried to answer the question. As you might expect, people struggled to answer; unfortunately, no good answers were forthcoming. I’d say it was funny to watch, but it wasn’t. So much effort was put into failing to answer this simple question that it was a lot like the tragedy of Sisyphus, the ancient Greek who kept pushing the same rock up the same hill only to have it fall back down and crush him every time. Funny the first couple of times maybe, tragic in the long run. And you know, we can’t really blame the magazine or the people in the forum because people have been trying to understand enlightenment for ten thousand years to no significant avail. It seems that little progress has been made and you know this to be true because if you ask ten people the same question “what is enlightenment,” you will get ten different answers, many of which are mutually exclusive to each other. It is a tower of Babel situation, that is for sure.

So where do we go from here? Well, a lot of times we just go nowhere at all. A lot of times we just throw up our hands, say @#$%* it, and move on. We do that because of our expectations about enlightenment itself. The problem is we have been taught to believe that it is too hard to understand and too hard to accomplish. Ask any guru, priest, prophet, or scientist interested in this area and they will tell you, enlightenment it is complicated (ineffable they will say) and that it might even take lifetimes to understand and accomplish. Another part of the problem is we are told we need guidance and assistance. Understanding and accomplishing enlightenment is so hard, so frustrating, and so difficult that we just can’t do it on our own. But honestly, neither of these Spiritual Misconceptions is true. Enlightenment is not hard to understand and, as we will find as wend our way through Lightning Path corpus, it is not that hard to accomplish, at least for brief periods. As for understanding enlightenment, that is easy. To understand enlightenment just imagine your physical body, your Physical Unit as I like to call it, is an empty glass of water. Now imagine your consciousness, your soul, your spirit, or whatever you want to call it, is the water that fills the glass. Using this Water Glass Metaphor, with your body as the glass and your “Soul” or Consciousness as the Water, we can easily understand that enlightenment is simply about filling the glass with water!

It is as simple as that! Enlightenment occurs when you fill the empty glass with water, when you fill “the vessel” with consciousness. You can see a visualization of the process by watching the following short “enlightenment” animation.


Enlightenment is about filling “the vessel” with consciousness. And that is really all there is to it! Enlightenment is the process of filling the glass, the vessel, with Consciousness. If you want to become enlightened, fill the glass with the water of consciousness.

Now, if you accept this remarkably simple and straightforward conception, great; but if you do, a host of new questions are immediately invoked. If it is as simple and straightforward as this, why centuries of confusion? If it is this grounded and easy to specify, why an entire magazine devoted to inquiry? Why lifetimes of faith and devotion? Why karma and lessons? Why so many confused gurus, priests, prophets, and scientists? And if you can get beyond those burning questions, even more questions emerge. How do you get water into the glass? How do you “initiate” the process? Are there pitfalls and dangers? Is it (i.e. consciousness) easy to handle? So many questions it seems, but so little time. Don’t worry though. If these questions are burning in your mind, then my advice to you is patience. These questions all have answers and we’ll get to them in the course of our studies. We’ll start, in the next few introductory lessons, by examining this idea of enlightenment. We’ll answer some basic questions about the process of enlightenment (or awakening as we like to call it) and we’ll give some introductory advice and guidance on handling any pitfalls and challenges that you might encounter should you decide to initiate the process of “enlightenment” yourself. When you’re done here, we’ll move on to basic Authentic Spirituality and we’ll gradually show you that understanding even very deep spiritual Truths doesn’t have to be that hard at all. In the end, we’ll put you back in touch with your divinity so that the light of your Consciousness can come shining through.


And like I said, don’t worry, don’t be overwhelmed, and be patient. There is a lot to say and a lot to do, but we have time. The game has changed and constraints and limitations are swiftly falling away. You need no longer be stuck inside a box designed by someone else, so patience. How far you go on this Lightning Path and how high up The Mountain you climb is entirely up to you.

And that’s all there is for you today. Thanks for listening. Next time, we’ll talk about how to “initiate” the process of enlightenment. Until then, I am Michael Sharp. Welcome home!