You are moral, ethical, righteous, and true.
You are loving and caring and nurturing too.
You are wonderful, glorious, light filled true blue.
An there’s no one in the ‘verse that compares quite to you.

But when you’re given a birth on this fine and fair Earth,
You parents are violent, your teachers they hurt.
And pain and aggression you cannot avert.
No matter the energy you may divert.

And over the years doth the pain inside grow,
Till there’s more of it than your inner child know.
All the anguish and suffering, all the pain and the woe.
Lies of priests and the gurus, “it’s God’s plan don’t you know.”

But listen to me dear, please come take my hand.
I have come back to lead you to God’s promised land.
Just start at the rabbit’s hole, jump the way down.
Use the tools that surround you, to wipe off big frown.

Now hurry up child, for it’s past time to go.
As we have finally come to the end of this show.
So better get moving, better waste no more time.
Time to move you straight up to the front of the line.

The Great Awakening

Getting you started on the
right path back home

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